FSN Fantasy Network - Ricky Ray 0 pts last week?

What is up with the fantasy network giving RR 0 points for last week. I had him on my pool and as far as I can tell, he should have gotten around 12 pts or so. Same with KG. He is marked as 0 as well.

Okay nevermind Roberts has 0 as well so I assume they just haven't updated for the Winn-Edm game yet. My bad.

Yup, they seem to take a while to update some games once in a while, sorta pisses me off.

I was wondering why I scored so low, now it makes sense. I had 5/10 players playing in that last game.

I don't play the FSN game, but late updates are really weird now that the CFL actually has immediate game stats. Remember the "good ol' days" everyone ? If the Friday game was a West coast affair, and there was a holiday Monday, you may not have seen the complete boxscore until Tuesday afternoon ! I figure the League was just too cheap to pay a tech holiday pay over the long weekend. That stuff was frustrating ! For the most part I had to score my FF games from the Globe & Mail or the Toronto Star, even then it might be 2 days late. I never log onto waymoresports anymore. I'm really thankful for the 2nd upgrade ! (Remember the first "upgrade" , for lack of a better term....LOL !)

Even I have my standings updated for the Huddle the day after, and I do mine by hand

I'm guessing the guys in the FSN offices decided to bugger off for the whole Canada Day weekend; hence, why they haven't gotten around to posting the results and stats from the Esks/Bombers game.

I picked Roberts and Stegall from Winnipeg, along with Tucker and Fleming from the Eskimos and still have nothing for them.

Ditto here. I had Roberts and Tucker, but haven't gotten any points for them yet. I doubt those points from the Bombers' game will help me much anyway. I dropped from 4 to 41 this week with all my Als on a bye!

There seems to be no limit on changing picks, so you can change players, especially on bye weeks.

Yeah, that's the thing I've noticed on FSN's Pick 10: they don't care how many player changes you make from week to week. The main objective is to pick the 10 most productive players for their respective positions for that particular week.

I completely forgot to make my FSN picks last week. I like the games we have on here better.

They finally updated the fantasy stats.

Notice whose in first place in the pick ten cfl.ca pool :smiley: :smiley: :smiley: .