FSN Fantasy Game : Where is Lewis ?

Is it just me ? Where is Nik Lewis in the game ? He should be under SB. I'm expecting a HUGH game from him this week ! As it is , I have both Copeland & Thurman "up", but I'd play Lewis & sit Thurman is possible.

Check page 2 under WR... They have alot of inactive players on there so if some people dont know football and whos playing then you might be in trouble.

For everyone else with this issue; Lewis is under WR, but he's NOT listed in the WR page, but rather, can be found if you sort the General Players page by Fantasy Points Scored. I've alerted FSN tech support ,they couldn't find him themselves. Perhaps this explains his low "add" vibe for tonights game ?
What a waste of a beautiful morning...I'm leaving for the lake ! (After one last attempt to see if Bracey is starting ! FF, it's an illness. LOL !)