Fry the Stamps

It's supposed to be 32 degreess C Friday!

Hot enough to fry Stamps from cool Alberta?


I prefer my Stampeders fried without the use of trans-fats.

Hmmmmm Horse Meat BBQ.. for Tigercats
Eat Em RAW

the way the cats play the stamps will only have to run at half speed!

Gatoraid!!!!kind of day......

Recomended to drink a bottle before going to todays game,you'll enjoy it more .....

Or Poweraid etc etc,any kind of hot weather drink before the beers!

Fry the Stamps!

I've been taking a lot of heat all morning for wearing my Cats jersey here in Calgary, but I'm confident that I'll be the one doing the talking after tonights game! If we lose 2 in a row to the Stamps, I won't be able to show my face around my office. Go Ti-Cats!!

Powerade has to be the most overrated, overpriced piece of crap ever, Gatorade actually quenches your thirst, is it in you?

are you a gatorade sales rep or something??? lol

i'll agree, gatorade seems to fulfill its proposed function a lot better.

Speaking of stuff to drink, I've had a problem today with, well, the run's. Anyone have any suggestions to plug me up before I head out to the game tonight?

PS. This is a serious post, really!

kinda late, but immodium and an electrolyte-replacement powder called "Gastrolyte" usually works for me. Gastrolyte can be found at drug stores. It's really good for the runs and general dehydration. Tasts horrid tho...