Frustrated with Media .....

Am I being overly sensitive, or do the rest of you feel the same way?

Football coverage, whether its team signings, deals, trades, or Rules changes get about 10 seconds of radio and TV time. Yet every time Bettman or Goodenow go to the washroom, we have a 20 minute panel discussion. Don’t get me wrong, I love hockey too, and it is supposidly our National Sport (Lacrosse really is, but a debate for another day) , but enough hockey talk. Call me when the season starts! Why can’t there be more football coverage? interviews with players as they sign? I heard nothing about the “Rider State of the Union” other than a postage stamp blurb in the paper. I get more coverage from this site than Radio, TV Newspaper combined.

Does football coverage suck in other parts of Canada like it does on the West Coast?

Okay sedative taking effect…I’m done ranting…

Its sucks here as well (Montreal) I’ve seen the sports news lead with a meaningless hockey game over a CFL playoff game.
What can ya do

We’ve had the WHL Hitmen in the playoffs here in Calgary for a few weeks (boo hoo, bumped off by the Wheaties last night) but I agree with ya Sporty, who gives a rats ass about negotiations that are going nowhere, hell, get onto something else and with the season only weeks away why not start pumping the CFL…

…omigod…(blush)…I totally forgot about the Roughnecks too, winners of the NLL West title and destined for back-to-back NLL Championships, and my kid plays Lacrosse too, gawd, what a terrible fan I am…

So having said that, while the CFL is getting some play time here in Cowtown, there has been two other sports in town getting major airtime. But I suppose without the Hitmen and Riggers it would be very different…

ya…i agree the CFL has never been good with the media, they need more people to voice their opinions that we want more CFL on TV. maybe everyone on here should email TSN, CBC, and TheScore (they’re not to bad though)

I CAN UNDERSTAND baseball talk…baskeball hype…at this time of year but NHL bafflegab like ,now .he will, now he won’t…now we will has just about got me at THE END OF MY ZOOLA. Media darlings and paparatzi give your head a shake THIS IS CANADA and our FOOTBALL season is getting underway. What does this league need to do to get some attention…hold a press conference every hour or perform magical acts like signing the Fluties…which is what writers and broadcasters seem only to be interested in… because of the NFL connection …C’mon give the CFL a break and give it the attention it DESERVES. :idea:

My brothers join me…ive sent angry e-mails to TSN, CBC, TheScore, Sportsnet West, and some other ones, enough e-mails could make some change.

Red & White…You have a legitimate sports story in your town. So does Toronto with the Jays.

What bugs me is all the time spent on non stories. For example last night Brian Burke is on the talk show for a half an hour going blah, blah, blah about the hockey lock out. ALL SPECULATION! Nothing concrete!

Heck if they want a non story Lets talk about Halifax expansion and have a contest to pick a name…

I’m ranting again…time for more meds!

Everyone is ocrrect, but the problem is with the media themselves. They really believe people still want to here about the non hockey ( choke me with a spoon). When they get a deal done report it period. We do not need a full year of play by play of nothing. Report on the CFL which has interest in most of the country. They should even have a weekly or daily news on the CFL. Talk with different coaches through out the league do in depth reports of the changes to the teams in the off season. There is so much yet these media buffoons continue with this crap. I will e-mail dam rights god Idea!

I think we will get more coverage in the next two years. More games are televised now, more fans are going to the game, and more fans are watching on TV. The media will start covering us more based on simple statistics. WE are giving them those stats so we will get better coverage sooner or later. It may not hurt, from time to time, to remind them of the growing popularity of the CFL though.

To me the bigger issue is to get them to stop covering the NFL, and NBA so much. You watch the tickers on TSN, Sportsnet, etc, the CFL gets about 30 seconds then 10 minutes on the other leagues.

What happened to the CRCT with Canadian content. When it comes to Canadian programming should this not apply. I am not saying remove NFL games or college football from Canadian TV’s but it should be that the CFL should get more time for programming.

Living in southern Ontario all these years has reenforced the USA wannabee mentality.This is evident on a daily basis on not only sports talk radio but news talk
subjects. Although it has improved ever so slightly with the increased popularity of our CFL, the bottom line is how the league and consequently any news wire story is frowned upon and viewed as of a minor league mentatility. Us beloved CFL ers know this is not the case, but I am afraid to say that by en large is the perception in the “Centre of the Universe”.TSN is partially owned by ESPN, enough said. Sportsnet has the Jays and is marketing the crap out of them, plus like him or hate him the best CFL personality Marty York is gone? This I believe is a very complex matter and unfortunately one that the CFL has been left behind by all of the media outlets in this region

I agree…not enough CFL on sports news shows. U.S. college basketball…sur can’t get enough of that on CANADIAN sports shows. I get ticked off now waiting for CFL coverage and just switch the sports news off. Are you listening TSN, Sportsnet and The Score!!!

i watch every channel that covers sports news…like to get all the angles

Maybe someone out there is listening, I opened up the paper this morning as the lovely Mrs. RedandWhite and I shared coffee on the deck and lo and behold, Dan Toth of the Sun runs almost three pages worth of CFL news/stories in the Sports Section. I’m a little cynical that Mr. Toth’s material was surrounded with NFL Draft stories as well, makes you wonder if that was the catalyst to provoke the Sports Ed to run Toth’s material, but who cares, it was nice to see it. If you’re reading this Dan, Thanks and keep up the coverage!