Frustrated by MLSE

Is anyone else wondering where the MLSE marketing machine is? I go to the Argos website looking for post game interviews and the only thing there are game highlights. Where are the group sales? I know this is a long term project, but they bought a team off a championship, where 27,000 people attended the last game before they bought the team, and now 10,000 show up?

They attempted a focus group but cancelled because another of thier teams won a championship...what?

As a season ticket holder, all I want is value. The product on the field is one thing. I can live with the ups and downs of the team, but I want value in the stadium. I want atmosphere. I thought that's what MLSE was going to bring!

It's going to take a decade for the Argos to average 15k-17k paid per game. MLSE needs to build it right and that will take time. Lots and lots of time.

Yeah. I'm OK with the long build after so many past ownership and management attempts for overnight fixes.

ST base is up to 6K and still lots of work on that front but that's where they need to focus on. Get that up and then there's less inventory to sell day to day.

The Marlies had underwealming results at the gate at first as well after many thought it would be easy sellouts. MLSE plugged away at it while the skeptics were saying minor league hockey would never work here....and now they're upper half in attendance in the AHL.

The championship doesn't really mean anything. They got lucky. The best two teams don't often play.

If the league wanted it to mean something they would finally scrap this west vs. east format we have now.

The West Final is the real test. That's why the Stamps keep choking. The Grey Cup is the bronze medal game.

I agree this isn't even about the Argos . The system is broken and it's as plain as day . Not even sure it can be fixed within a short amount of time but the fundamentals of the league need to be changed back to some of its core roots and then pushed in a more competitive way into a more meaningful season .

Toronto area are not buying into the CFL and it appears they are not alone .

The League needs to change as a whole the bigger cities are losing interest at an alarming rate .

I know sports is hurt all over but in no way is it effecting the other area teams. The Leafs , Raptors , TFC , Jays are all pulling in respectful and or great numbers .

The league TV dollars shouldn't be used to bandaid it together and put the blinders on as if nothing is going on . This is a mistake . The TV money is fools gold when not considering the lack of paying attending fans at the stadium .

I have to agree with you on this. TV revenue should be used to better the product and not to keep teams afloat. There are big issues that the league has never been able to fix in the major 3 markets. Unless the league starts operating as a top tier league these markets will never buy in (unfortunately).

Everyone should take a trip to Saskatchewan and see what its like when fans buy in and support the team. Everything around the stadium leading up to game time is right up there with the NFL. They have it figured out and the people support it.

To a certain percentage of the population media has a big influence. MLSE through their Rogers arm did just about everything they could to discredit the Argos for many years chasing their NFL dream. Now that reality has finally clicked in and they have realized that the NFL is not not going to come to Toronto and destroy the CFL, they have decided it is better to be on board. People are leaving the Cable in droves including many Argo fans from Rogers. ;D Now Rogers has to do an about face :-[ and start promoting the CFL, but I think they will and are starting slowly and will increase as time goes on. A little difficult to turn those who were drinking the hate Argo cool-aid around over night.

Agreed. 40 years of neglect will not be fixed overnight.

but as the late al davis was so fond of saying; "just win baby !"
aim for creating a dynasty like eskimos had with warren moon
no excuse for argos to miss playoffs - no excuse !