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A great sports forum, was once the number one sports forum on the web before it was hacked and deleted however it is rebuilding and is proving once more why it was and will be number one. We cover all the major sports and have forums for the others, we have AMAZING graphic talent and a great GALLERY for people to use as well as an arcade! So join now at

Crappy site no CFL! What kind of site is that!

yeah mate, that site is pretty fuck up with it's own CFL section. Were a pro league, no a fucking minor or a fucking farm league.

The guy has made 5 posts that either knock this site or promote his.
Sure lets all go there and not talk about the CFL because he was to dumb to put a CFL forum there.

Yes pretty dumb!

Obviously whomever hacked and deleted it didn’t like it much either (and was very intelligent to boot!) So…if your trying to rebuild a site that does not include the oldest Pro Football League in the world then why bother to try and push it here??? :roll:

Nobody cares. It's just an ESPN-loving Big-4 forum.

acturally he didn’t knock the site, I was pissed becase I lost a post that I worked really hard on, sorry! :oops:

OH I didnt realise he was quoting you. Kanga

See what a PITA quoting ca be

yes and no

.......I say we raid their NFL room and take it over.......

YES!!! I’m all ready to go!!!

Great please raid the site, there are CFL fans there, they are just in other sports talk and hidden because they haven't been posted in for a couple weeks.

The reason I came here is because the site needs the CFL fans (best fans in the world) and also I assume many of you like the NHL as well. Teach the Americans a lesson on that site!

And if you guys come over and show that there is interest I am sure the admins will make a CFL forum!

Allright, but telll the fucking NHL that WE WANT WINNIPEG AND QC BACK!!! heck, that is way we love this league so much, no fucking relocation, unless you inculde CFL America.

The way it works is you make the forum and we see if there is enough interest to go over.

We already have a great forum here. You have to make it worth it for us, not the other way around.

The addition of the Jets and the Nordiques would even out the league completely.

That is all.


but I think a few teams just need to relocate abd maybe a coupie need to fold.

DING,DING,DING. We have a winner!!!