Front seven impressive

The play of the front seven on D last night was outstanding. With J. Johnson just coming to town, Bolden moving in to DT, Otis moving to the middle, I think we now have something to build on. The front four looked a lot more comfortable tonight. I can see this unit getting better each game. Long and Hickman on the ends are big time players...they just needed a little schooling in the Canadian game. The Winnipeg game will be a big test for them. :cowboy:

The pressure on the QB was much improved. I was quite impressed. It brings to mind the comments made by Adams in the Spec article. He backed up his words and so did the other guys beside him. Great job. We actually made improvements defending the run as well.

A breath of fresh air to have a D- line that actually moves bodies and forces the QB instead of being instantly locked up after the ball is snapped .

Long is going to be an animal.

Wasn't it Long who got robbed of a sack when Pierce intentionally grounded the ball as he was being sacked? That is one rule that they have to get rid sack... if the QB intentionally grounds the ball.

Each member of the defensive line had a good game. Justin Hickman and Khari Long are forces to be reckoned with at defensive end. Also, although Demonte Bolden had one tackle in the game, his size and strength helped to plug interior gaps thereby making it harder for the B.C. offensive line to double team Darrell Adams and easier for Ticat linebackers to move laterally to make tackles. Going with four import starters on the defensive line is the right move at this time.

Let's hope we can continue to do this. We need a reliable Canadian receiver to contribute as a starter to achieve this. The "injury" to Stala is a bit worrisome as he is currently our best Canadian receiver.

Yup, Wally was chirping at the sideline official a good few minutes after the call. Seemed pretty clear cut to me.

I think Bolden held his own in there and feel he will improve with experience. :thup:

Did anyone else notice that Pete Dyakowski was a 3rd DT on the BC TD @ the 1 that took them 3 tries. The Hamilton line stuffed them the first 2 attempts. It showed Hage and Hudson cheering Pete on after the 2nd stop. I thought it was awesome!

I saw that and couldn't believe my eyes. I thought I was seeing things.

haha that was hilarious!

i think Dyakowski will be reminding the guys of that one this week.

Phew... ok ... I thought I was seeing things myself. We came really close to stopping that TD. I love Goal line stands... so much suspense!

Yup. That was great!

And they [i]barely [/i]got it on the 3rd try too.

We need Albert Toeaina for those situations :smiley:

Coach Sal on the CHML radio broacast said that
the interior of our D-line 'got a good push' all night,

so when their RBs couldn't find a gap to run through

they weren't able to cut back to the middle
or the opposite side like the RBs did last week

because the interior of our D-line was pushing
their Offensive line back into those lanes.

Yes, I'm quite sure that was Long who forced Pierce to take that intentional grounding penalty.

I liked what I have seen from both Hickman and Long. The release of Guillory is making more sense now. :slight_smile:

I also noticed that player who Setta likes to call "Bigfoot" out there, as I noted in the game thread. So I guess you could say there was a Bigfoot sighting on the D. Anyway, it was great to see the D nearly get a turnover on downs after it was 1st and goal from near the 1.

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