Front Runners for CEO

Jim Barker
Paul Robson
Adam Rita

Considering this is just a bean counting job now, they all seem okay.

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I think I'd take a pass on Adam Rita.

I think the job is Robson's, assuming he wants it.

I haven't been impressed with Rita or Barker for that matter.

Barker has serious tunel vision when it comes to young Canadians. I would not touch him.

Rita's work ethics are in doubt and his contacts almost non existent.

Robson's been out of the game for a while.

I say keep them coming.

If it's strictly a 'face position' then Robson wins hands down. Neither Rita or Barker have served the league like he has or have his business acumen.

BTW: The article lists these guys for the VP position not the CEO.

Definitely the CEO position. Friesen just doesn't make it clear.

Taman & Tillman were the VP/GM possible candidates.

I suppose they could be considered for that position too, but why make a lateral move ?

No he hasn't. He was Operations Manager of the Argos in 2003 which isn't that long ago. Plus he's been on the Bombers BoD for the past number of years as well.

We disagree and that's cool but to me 7 years in pro sports is an eternity.

IIRC, Ken Hildahl has said the next President/CEO will be more focused on the business aspects of the team and not as involved in the football side. If they decide to go that way then Robson would be a good candidate.

Eric Tillman`s name was actually mentioned in a article a few days ago as a possible candidate for Bombers, no I am not kidding. Thinking it may have just been the reporters own short list. I think he is a good man, that got a bum deal, no pun intended. He is a good football man

Good football man...but allegedly not so good a man.... :wink:

I was kinda surprised to hear his name mentioned...why would we want someone with that kind of baggage? We have an opportunity for a nice CLEAN start here...let's do it right...

...Tilman IS a good football man....but would he be bringing a bunch of baggage with him, that would be palatable to the Bomber faithful....Even if he is exonnerated....i'm sure there would be some raised eyebrows....More controversy is NOT what this club needs....I don't see Rita getting much of a look....after all, how successful are the argos, at this point in time ,with him on board.... :lol: Robson seems to be the guy....if he is not involved in the football side of the club...i'd agree with that...I'm sure the list of candidates is a lot larger than what's being put forth here..Lots of names still being considered :wink: We'll see

Adam Rita.... LOL
Take him if you want your team to fail like the Argho's

Personally, NO, NO, NO to Tillman in any capacity. Until the facts come out in court, we do NOT know what he is accused of doing so to say he only did this or that has no basis in fact. Regardless of what happens in court, he's got too much baggage associated with him now.

Also keep in mind Tillman's fate won't be known until the latter half of January. His trial starts on January 4 and is scheduled for 2 weeks. Depending on the outcome of his trial, it still isn't know what his status with the Riders is. Considering they've had basically no backlash over this that I can tell, if he's acquitted he will likely be back on the job. It seems unlikely to me that they would fired him after sticking by him this long. And if he were to resign and take employment with another team after the Riders stuck by him that doesn't look good on him. If he's convicted, he won't be employable by any team for quite a while.

So the timeline with Tillman is, if he's acquited, he wouldn't even be available for an interview for another job until the middle of January and that's too late as far as I'm concerned.

As for Taman, I can't see the Riders allowing anyone to talk to him until after Tillman's fate is decided. If Tillman is fired or resigns then he's up for that job but if Tillman stays they need Taman until Tillman's back.

Obviously he needs to clear his name, if he does not, he needs to pack...but he also has shown his entire career that while he's a brilliant talent evaluator and negotiator, he can't keep a budget, its the reason he resigned in Ottawa and his first three seasons in Regina he's blown the SMS... So can he be as successful following the rules ?

Question is whether he can clear his name. With the type of charges he's facing they tend to taint a person in the public eye whether they are found guilty or not guilty.

I think we've had enough of people associated with the Bombers (past and very recent past) in the news for the wrong reasons in the Peg this year and don't need to add to it.