Front Office

I don't suppose its remotely possible that the Caretaker will hold the Front Office team (I'd love to say GM, but we have such a convoluted structure its impossible to tell who's on first, or who's responsible for this mess) accountable? No offense Bob. You're a great guy, and have no doubt forgotten more about business than most of us will ever know. But you've gotta stop saying its your fault. You hire people to perform and at the end of the day these people are not getting it done. I know its a wild idea, but maybe you could consider hiring a GM with no ties to the current team and a tiny little bit of football experience, then letting this guy (or girl) get on with making the kind of changes that are needed to compete for 6th place in this league of 8?

I don;t thank Rob Kats is doing a bad Job..
after all Marshall Hired his Coaching Staff
Bob Hired Marshall

How dose Rob do anything here
He was not Gm till near then End of Last Season..

I think he done a fair job

Well call me silly, but I've had enough of this experimentation with people that have zero experience. Rob may be a great guy, but before being hired in Marketing by the CATS he had exactly zero days experience in professional or college football. Since we're clearly at a point where we're going to have to start from scratch (yet again), I'd like someone in control that has both experience and the authority to make the necessary changes.

Bob Young is completely right in accepting blame for this team. He acts WAY too late and hires long shots who don't know what they are doing to run the team.

Don't defend him. He has our money. I hope he catches my summer cold from one of the bills I gave for a ticket.