Front Office - Top Heavy????

Can anyone explain to me what Dan Rambo has contributed to the Tiger Cat organization. A while ago I read an article that mentioned Rambo is using a computer program that keeps track of talent at every position. I would suggest with his and Obies years of experience and contacts through out Nort America they could come up with som actual talent on and off the field.

I for one can not figure out why Hamilton can not land a Dominic Dorsey - Cameron Wake - Arlan Bruce -
Anwar Stewart or a real big time play maker. Is it a fact we offer very little money and receive what we pay for. I hope someone may agree this is one of the biggest problems with this team. Coaching and palyer Talent. Has the front office blown the budget on Printers and have little left to attract quality players to the organization.

What do you think?

They landed Rodriguez.

Considering the front office got rid of Mike McCarthy and Craig Smith this past off-season, I would hardly characterize them as "top heavy."

And someone please correct me if I am wrong, but hasn't Dan Rambo only been with the team for one year?

I think they are doing pretty well so far, Rodriguez was a nice find, Scott Mitchell has potential, and don't forget about Tre Smith and even Marko Cavka.

So I wouldn't be giving Obie and Rambo too much flack at this point. It's not their fault the Canadians on the offensive line are below average.

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Sorry paullywood, Getting rid of Mike McCarthy was a very stupid move. Mike has a huge list of connections down south. Nice going braintrust - get rid of a ton of knowledge and most importantly a true talent finder.

I dont know what rambo does but most gms have assts with them and i imagine they are working together. Domenic Dorsey was not a great find......he was available to the ticats last year as he was every other team in the league, cut and sitting by his telephone on his butt while nobody called except the blue team....the cats didnt call, guess we were just too good for him.

Just like the kicker for Calgary. The kid grows up in Niagara Falls went the braintrust and asked for a try out? I am sure can guess the rest. As far as I am concerned the level of talent they brought in to camp is not a par with the rest of the teams. Dominc Dorsey - Blashir Livingston - Ian Smart - who are the game breakers?

You can thank former special teams "coach" Jerome Erdman for the DeAngelis fiasco.

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Oski Wee Wee,

Dan Rambo is in his Ottawa office every day exhaustively playing Miss Pac Man...uh, I mean completing a valuable database of talented players who, for unknown reasons, never seem to actually physically make it to Hamilton.