Front Four

What ever happened to Anthony Collier. I know he was released last year, but it might be worth bringing him back. Didn't he have 5 sacks in one game for Ottawa? I also think Dunbrack played well when he came in. Did Cornelius Anthony play last game?

Collier - no. Ottawa folded too long ago.
Dunbrack - HE** NO!!! Always good for a 15-yd penalty.
Anthony - don't know.

I believe Collier WAS here as recently as last year. And don't say our record last year means he's not good enough. We have many former ticats that weren't good enough for us, but have gone on to succeed elsewhere.
Dunbrack played well when given the opportunity. Do you have a record of everyone's 15 yard penalties? Isn't that what people said about Belli? I'd rather have him right now than nothing, which is what we have, since we traded Clinton Wayne for him.

Dunbrack would be a good solid signing, but he would not fit in to the plans for the future.
I would have to think that he would only be a desperation signing if added.
Lets see what we have in Jermaine Reid.

I don't think our front four is going to get fixed before next season. We might get lucky and scoop up an NFL cut or two in September. But man, our front four is brutal right now.