Front four responsible for loss?!?!

What? Yes, the front four cost us the game. Here me out. The offense played much better than in any of the previous 4 games; Receivers caught the ball more often, big plays included with only 1 exception. Danny played well and even though I have been extremely critical of Brady, he did well coming in off the bench. Defense; The secondary should only have to cover receivers between 5-10 seconds. After that, advantage receivers. 3 plays with the long ball cost 3 TD's. Agreed, the secondary could have/should have knocked a couple of those long balls down. However, Ricky Ray sat back in the pocket and waited for the receivers to run the 30-40 yards and threw perfect balls EVERY TIME. In fact, I think at one point, someone brought out a chair for Ray to sit on while he waited for his receivers to run the long route. How did he have time to make these plays? Why did he have time? Two reasons; 1/ The linebackers fell back into coverage to help the secondary in double coverage. 2/ the front four could not get to Ray, except once near the end of the game. I cannot/will not blame the secondary for the loss. they did a good job covering a set of good receivers for sometimes 15 seconds. great trade getting rid of Montford!

Just saw this slightly old post on the Edmonton - Hamilton clash and can't help but say that football is a team game and it is very hard to pin a loss on one group of guys no matter what.

I recall what Hugh Campbell told Dave Cutler after he missed a possible game winning FG against the BC Lions once. There was Dave alone in the room long after guys had dressed and moved on and in walks then coach Campbell who was a terrific successful coach.

Campbell's comment to Cutler: "Never be so arrogant to think that one play or one player wins or loses a game."

To me that is a good way for teams and players to look at it no matter what happens. Games may come down to one play for a win or a loss but collectively it takes the whole team to put the situation there.

I spoke to Cutler about that statement at an event at which he and I were both speaking. His reply was to look me in the eye and say that is okay but to him it was He missed and they lost. Deep down I am sure he knows Campbell is right to think that way.

All of this is not to allow players not to do their jobs or give them something to rely on in defence of their failures. Not at all. Players must be held accountable and in the pro game on the best teams they are.

It is different of course when you are in Hamilton's situation as when it is going bad it is hard to get things turned around quickly. But look at Ottawa and what a season there so far. Good on Joe and I hope Hamilton's fortunes pick up soon.

Yeah but he's right. Our front 4 isn't getting any push off the line. As a result we can't even get a yard and Troy Davis cannot find an opening. There's a reason why a great back like Davis is being comepletey shut down. These guys on the front four are not putting their hearts into it. Comiskey was a totally horrible, stupid trade for Montford and too bad Lancaster is still slinging his crap at Ivor Wynne because bob the little muchkin runs this team like an old boys club. Like the Leafs. The Tiger Cats will never win. They will never win with this stupid leadership that they have unfortuately have done to themselves. Worst team in professional sports anywhere.

You’re talking about the O-line. diehardticat was talking about the defensive front four.

But both have been horrible, which is a large part of the reason Hamilton is winless.

Changes must be made in personel. When the Bombers oline sucked at the beginning of the season, almost everyone was replaced to correct it. When the receivers sucked, same thing. Ticat management is doing next to nothing to correct the situation and fans should be screaming bloody murder.