front 7

im tired of hearing all this complaining about our front 7, we have 2 great ends, we need someone to take away the attention from Belli, who is only one man, then we have auggie who is a stud canadian middle lb,both of these guys are canadians who play beyond americans,why dont people look at the poor performance of americans and bring in canadians who can play the game. im starting to wonder how canadian the cfl is, might as well call is american owners football league who dont have enough common sense to build around star canadians, rather then so so americans

The "Topcat1" alarm is going off...

Wow, could not agree LESS ...

How many sacks this season ?

The Ohio State "book-ends" are alot of SIZZLE and little STEAK ... Belli is average ... and Auggie is not a STUD.

Months ago I made a post saying "Barrin Simpson ... BREAK THE BEAK " ... Simspon is a STUD ...

This D will remain the BIGGEST problem all season ... any Tiger Cat wins will come with 28 points - MINIMUM.


baron simpson, have you watched him play, put any 240 pounder in the middle and tell them to blitz, of course he will look like a stud, it was like the st.mary's huskies when they won the vanier, same stuff, big lb's who had to do one thing blitz. anyone can look good doing that, auggie was 3rd in the league last year for solo's, belli needs another d-lineman to take the heat off his ass

We focused far too much on the offence in the off-season and now we are paying for it.

We focused far too much on the offence in the off-season and now we are paying for it.

WRONG, belli should be taking heat off the others and allow them to make sacks and tackles. thats what he's there for, him and peterson.

AND Barrin Simpson would be making this defense better. end of story.

Barrin Simpson is no doubt better. But I mean really, people are calling for Brooks even though brooks was in the game last week and did zero with his playing time. He got pancaked on one play I watched and I just sort of shook my head. The problem, in my opinion, is our DTs are hotshots and instead of taking up blockers they go for the kill.

it doesn't help that they are former DEs.

get them to clog the middle and we'll start seeing results.

it'll make life easier on the DEs and on Auggie.

thank you, our secondary needs players who make plays then our defense will be complimenting each other

Our blitz packages are also weak. Simpson wouldn't do as well in Hamilton as he does in Winnipeg because they have more effective blitz strategies. We RARELY seem to blitz from the LB position, instead relying on the occasional HB blitz (which I've never liked). The whole scheme is the problem because it isn't utilizing players to the maximum effect.

We have the players (Bradley) we're just not using them (Kornegay).