From Worst to First

In the east in one season, congrats to the Bombers and their staff. :rockin:

What a crazy year. Even the most dedicated fan couldn't have thought they would end up in 1'st.The playoffs should be really interesting and unpredictable this year.

.. ..congrats definitely in order for the team.....what a turn-around....Two more wins guys..... two more :thup: :rockin:

I don't think any congratualtions should be in order for this Bomber team. Despite the fact that the Bombers won the East by default due to competition being weak, the reality is that this Winnipeg team is no better than 7th out of 8 teams in the CFL-

A 7-1 team that finished 10-8 is nothing to offer congratulations. This Bomber team down the stretch has glaring weaknesses-

The 4-14 Bomber team last year and this team are pretty much the same, except for Pierce and BRINK- Lapolice is a huge issue, you cannot have a coach who has a 1 way headset--

Speaking of this team where has ODELL WILLIS gone? Doug Brown has done nothing this season and looks finished. What the hell was Lapolice thinking using RENAUD as a punter despite the fact he could barely kick the ball 30 yards with no accuracy?

The 2 and outs tell the story, Lapolice is a terrible offensive mind, he is very cocky, resistant to change, will run things his way into the ground--

If Winnipeg makes the Grey CUP they might as well just save team expenses and not bother showing up to the GREY CUP as BC or CGY will annilihate this team-

At this point both Toronto and Saskatchwan are much better football teams than Swaggerville. PS what happened to SWAGGERVILLE? Oh I forgot the Winnipeg D can only stop mentally challenged Washed up qbs like Burris and Lemon and Glenn- ANy other QB will tear right through their overrated defense--

I think WInnipeg should be ashamed of their play down the stretch- They needed basically to win 1 game vs good teams and vs bad teams and at home and failed miserably--
The failing is indicative of a guy like Lapolice, its clear that Lapolice is another NARCISSISTIC coach who players hate playing for , he out thinks every situation and will make the wrong decisions 9 out of 10 times- The man is the type of coach who gets the worst out of his players-

Its no secret around the league the Bomber demise is due to the fact that lapolice has a bad attitude- He is a pessimist and a control freak, he is the last guy you want leading a team-- Evidence of this is Winnipegs start vs toronto and Calgary where they were losing by 21 and 24 in the 2nd qtr-- Good coaches dont let that happen-

Lapolice is a coordinator and thats it, he is possibly the worst coach in bomber history, even Mike KELLY was way better--

The players simply will not play for Lapolice, its obvious- This season the EAST is so weak, the real Grey cup will be the west division final as the Eastern teams are all jokers this season.

The Bombers may have lost more games than they won in the second half of the season but, if you actually watched the games, they outplayed the opposition for the better part of the losses. Their problem has been giving up too many points in one bad quarter of play, 17 against the Stamps last game, 24 against the Argos the game before. Those are all just mental mistakes which are correctable.

I'll wait and see how a rested, healthier squad looks in 2 weeks time before writing them off as the same 4 - 14 bunch of last season.

I wouldn't be at all surprised to see them hand it to whoever they face in the playoffs.

.....Hey gridiron ... if you think the success the Bombers have had so far this year doesn't measure up....tough...EVERY team has showed tendencies to fall off with regard to their play....some more than others...The lions looked pitiful out of the gate we all know now that didn't count for much in the end...The same could happen to the Bombers given a little rest...We're in a little bit of valley right now ...we'll get it ALL together when it's ALL on the line....Count on it :wink:

I hope WInnipeg does get it together and I see some really good potential, with stars like Javon and Heffney and Bowman but something just does not feel right--

I think WInnipeg can get in the Grey CUP, but here is what has happened imo--

With success comes confidence, when the Bombers were 7-1 they were confident because they were successfull.

Now they have faded and are not as successful so their confidence is wavering-- They need to get back into the 7-1 mentality when SWAGGERVILLE was being talked about?
That is crucial for the playoffs---

Brink is a good QB, he can throw deep and opens the receivers up deep, I would start him, although in a GREY CUP it might be tough on a young QB- You can start PIERCE but I dont think he is as good as BRINK--

Some like to think the Bombers are a team in decline,but I see them as consistent. Despite the injuries,which I believe to be a legitimate excuse for slipping in the standings,the team has played pretty much the same all year. A lot of the losses can be attributed to other teams' up and down play and the fact they knew what to expect from Winnipeg after the first half of the season. IE-Sask. all fired up when Gramps came back,then tanked the rest of the way....Ham. beats Mont. loses the next few games and then annihilates the hottest team, BC. The Bombers were in every game in the second half,a lot were close games. I was disappointed in the loss to Cal. until I watched how Calvillo and company played in BC. We certainly didn't back into first place or the playoffs. A backup QB and we still made a game of it....No matter how the playoffs develop, I will still be proud of this team

A lot of close losses at the end of the year, but we made a game out of all of them except for the two games against Saskatchewan.

worst to first is always an impressive turnaround. It's been a good year. Two more wins.

I have never bought into the phrase 'swaggerville' .....kind of a fun thing the players had going till some media and fans blew it up....Certainly no worse than other hackneyed phrases such as ...three peat,,,right grid :lol: :lol: :lol: Count on seeing Buck at some juncture :wink:

As a newer season ticket holder its been a great year for us. 1st year was Mike Kelly, last year was losing every game by a couple points, so this year has been great to watch unfold. (Except for the losses to Sask.)

One thing people, especially from other teams, seem to forget is how a good portion of the soul of our team got ripped out of us when Richard Harris passed away. I don't have contact with players or coaches so its hard to say what real affect its had on them but I assume its been like an empty space that just can't be filled. I bet its been even harder on the coaching staff. The defense has been stellar all year, can you imagine what it would have been like otherwise?

Grey Cup bound ... this one will be for you Mr Harris :thup:

:thup: :thup: :thup: :rockin: