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I'm from Indiana, and have been a CFL fan since I saw a few games on the old SportsChannel (now defunct) here in the States back in the early 1990's.

I am going to be visiting Toronto sometime during the summer/fall of 2007 and want to try to come to an Argo's home game.

I have been to one NFL game in my life and sat in the back row of the RCA Dome... but I have been spoiled by both Arena Football (front row end zone season ticket holder for a year) and Hockey (front row on glass) so I don't really want nosebleed seats.

Any recommendations on seating for the best CFL experience in Tornoto? Also, when will the season schedule be announced to that I can start planning my trip (and getting my passport renewed)?


Hey, Hopefully (Fingures Crossed) the Season schedule will be out by the end of the week.

I'm also now a season ticket holder, but first game i went to last season, i sat on the Purple Section (level 200) right at the back. It was a good seat, as they where not plastic, but we couldn't see the scoreboard. Which kind of sucked.

My second game, i sat right at 55 yard line, section 110. 20 rows up. Much better.

I Would suggest about the same, any lower then 20 rows midfield the bench kinda gets in the way. but Usually there is alot of Seats open anywhere.

I would say anywhere in Blue, Between Rows 20-30 would be best.

you can also go here and see what you seats "Would" look like

Well FatherRobLyons, l suggest that you take in a game at Ivor Wynne Stadium in Hamilton. There isn't a bad seat in the house and you are very close to the action.

If you swing it right you could get a two-four out of a weekend. A game at Toronto and a game at Hamilton.

If and when you do come, make sure you get on the boards here and let us know. There are lots who would welcome you to the game and the "tailgates" and some good Canadian hospitality!

There are even some good "freebee" tickets to be had at times!

Good Luck and welcome to the forums! :thup:

Here is the seating chart for Ivor Wynne...

Thanks for all the speedy replies...

Not sure that I can make it to Hamilton as I am sure my wife will have an issue with going to two games in one weekend :wink: but perhaps I'll hit Hamilton on another visit. Her father's family is from Canada (Thunder Bay and Toronto) so I will be up there from time to time.

I couldn't seem to get the Argos 3d seat app to work on my work computer, so I'll try again at home. I did see the Touchdown Zone seating, though... now that seams really neat... and reasonably priced. Gotta go check on that exchange rate :wink:


Okay, I have to ask this... I was just talking with a new client who is from Indiana. Her father is also from Thunder Bay. Egads, what are the odds...

Your wife's name isn't Kristen, per chance?

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Yep. That's her.

Technical Disclaimer: She isn't my wife yet - wedding in June. Just didn't figger it was important to get to that little detail. So technically, she's still my betrothed. LOL!


Truly, this is spooky.

I usually post on the Ticats' board.

For whatever reason, I was compelled to venture to the Argos board - A board that I've never been to prior to yesterday.

As for tickets... don't worry about it. Your fiancee just sent me some work, so I've got the tickets covered. lol. I have a call out to her right now.

K.Mc., right? Wow... truly spooky.

Yep. K.Mc! LOL! What a strange occurance!

Okay, once the schedule is posted, we’ll choose a game.

Again, I am absolutely SHOCKED by this. Truly.

By the way… Does K.Mc know about this? Is she as surprised as you and I?

She's not feeling well, so my eager anticipation isn't exactly rubbing off yet :wink:


I travel from PA to catch a few games each year, stay at Rogerscentre if you get a chance and book a field view room.

COOL , I LOVE THE 3D SEAT VIEWS and the E-MAIL a friend feature. THANKS! :thup:

THE 2007 SHED. is out now and we have our first regular season game at the R.C. Vs. B.C. :thup: :rockin: