From the Sideline....

Where we all all armchair quarterbacks, coaches, managers, and towel boys. :wink:

I love reading comments from people who have suggestive ideas on how to show our discontent for the team.
I also find the "You're not a real fan" responses to these opinions and ideas.

Personally, I agree with most of the negatives, but at the same time being negative does not make you any less a fan.

What's wrong with the team? We're bad. Bottom line. We have great players that can do great things but nobody is.
What's the excuse? There is none.

Postive AND Negative comments, to me, show that the fans are passionate about this team and that's what I like.

Think of your partner; Wife, Husband, Girlfriend, Boyfriend, soulmate, whatever..
There's no one else more perfect for you.
Have they NEVER pissed you off in anyway shape or form?
Are they always right? Do you always smile and nod and say thanks for doing something that you just don't like or agree with?
Hmmm.. I doubt it. Because you're angry or just plain pissed-off doesn't mean they still don't mean everything to you. It's human response and nature.

Point being, I love seeing people getting so worked up about this team. We aren't "fickle" or "good-time only" fans.

It's ok to say, "Damn this is terrible". What I don't think is right, is for others to say I'm not a "real" fan because I'm negative.

If we go 2 and 16 I'll still support them, cheer them, and be there next season to do it again.

As for the team, well, I guess the guys just need to find the "it" that takes them from bad to good.


I hear you... AND agree with you, sorta. It's like when Darling Husband really really ticks me off badly (thank goodness not often), I'm still loving him, but I expect something from him when he's been wrong. I'm not just saying - okay - I'll wait and wait and wait for something to happen. I'm venting NOW. When he realizes something's off, I want it fixed. I want to see an effort - NOW. I want to see a BIG CHANGE. The problem may require more than an "I'm sorry, it's my fault" and a bunch of roses.

I've been waiting. I keep looking at the main page of this web site, looking for that BIG CHANGE.

I'm still waiting. This is getting dull. They're disappointing me. It's emotional being a fan. We really do care about our team.

Thanks Dr. Phil