from the rider's website

Not much activity on the Ticat's forum or Scratching Post, so I thought I'd check out the Rider website.

Interesting analysis from a Rider fan's perspective...

Hamilton will win because:

  • Kent Austin is a winner, pure and simple. 5-0 in CFL playoffs
  • Burris LOVES Mosaic and usually plays well here.
  • Burris is as focused as Durant and would love to win in front of Rider Nation
  • Fantuz comes back and will be the outstanding Canadian
  • Congi knows how to kick at at Mosaic
  • Ti-Cats are underdogs - they've been under the radar all week
  • 103 years of pride, 100 years of heartbreak - the grim reaper is always near for the Riders.
  • major pressure on the Riders being at home
  • Anderson will finally shoot his mouth off and it will cost us the game. I've said it all year. Watch in awe.
  • Riders always break the string - consecutive host teams to win the cup......

Riders will win because:

  • they're due after the 2009 debacle
  • Durant is 1-2 in Cups but doesn't count the first one.
  • in Cups, Hamilton is 2-1 against us and Riders are due.
  • Riders didn't touch the Western final trophy - hey, this means something.
  • Durant looks completely focused.
  • Geroy is a massive calming influence in the dressing room and huddle.
  • Cortez has some unfinished business with the Ti-Cats and a win here would love to pound a nail.
  • Durant tells Cortez to ram it and runs for his life.
  • Sheets finds out Cornish wins MVP and decides to make a statement....(like he hasn't already)
  • Geroy will catch the biggest catch of his life

One (minor?) correction is that Hamilton and Regina/Saskatchewan have actually met 6 times. We have won 5 times. (This counts teams from Hamilton named Tigers and Tiger-Cats and Roughrider teams named Regina or Saskatchewan). Although lots of valid points were made this one slip up ruined it for me. :oops: