From the outside looking in...

As a Ticat fan I am extremely proud and excited about my team getting a home playoff game and Trust me i know what it feels like when you dont make the playoff’s Makes for a very long offseason… But as much as my fellow Ticat fans despise Kelly and his media antics Well I respect Kelly’s response following his remarks after the montreal game although you guys lost today the coach took all the heat off a bad loss so the players could concentrate on the game and looked like it was gunna be close. (which it was till the final minutes) Also in one game this season in his half time interview whe he was asked what changes should be made Kelly said “the guys are playing hard just i am not coaching a good game” so be careful before you send him packing and goodluck and have a safe offseason guys.

I am rooting for the Ticats the rest of the way, actually they where my team going in to this year because of my "man crush" on Bob O`Bilovich, but when Bishop came back I dropped OB like a rock, sorry Bob.

Go Ticats

The Ticats will crush the Lions. They quit against EDM and with no QB they have no chance in Hamilton and who knows ,maybe Calvillo will choke in a playoff game.............again !