From the Netherlands - Argos Tickets

Hi everyone,

I'm from the Netherlands (Europe), and have been a CFL fan since I saw a few games on NASN(north american sports network). I've always been a die-hard Amsterdam Admirals fan, but since Goodell pulled the plug from the NFL Europe I only can watch tv :frowning:
So I've used to cheer guys like, Jonathan Brown, Willie Pile, Darell Lee etc on the Admirals team!!

I am going to be visiting Toronto during the end of Octobre and beginning of November of 2008 and want to go to the Argo's home game vs the Roughriders.

Does maybe anyone have recommendations on seating for the best CFL experience in Toronto? And where to get my tickets for myself and my girlfriend, and for example is there also some tailgating or a pre-game show on the parking place?


Hi Wouter,

I hope you enjoy your trip to the Argos game. The Riders always have lots of fans show up, so it's guaranteed to be a packed house. Make sure to secure your tickets well in advance, they will be hard to get closer to gameday.

The best way to get tickets is to call area code (416)341-ARGO and speak with a ticket representative.

I can personally recommend seats between the 40 yard lines in either the 100 or 200 level. Do not go closer than the 15th row of the 100 level. My seats are in section 131 in the 33rd row, and I think they are excellent seats. Here is a virtual tour, click on any section in order to see the view:

These are the more expensive seats, but if you're coming from out of town, it will certainly be worth it.

For the two hours before the game, just south of the stadium on Bremner Blvd, the Argos throw the Bremner Street Fest, which is sort of like tailgating except you have to buy the beer and food off of vendors. It's nice, but don't feel too bad if you can't make it.

After the game, I recommend you proceed to Front Street on the north side of the stadium and walk east. On the north side of the street, just before University Ave., you'll see a restaurant called "Jack Astor's", which holds the official Toronto Argonauts After Party in their bar area. Many of the players and cheerleaders show up after the game, and they are very friendly and open to chat, take pictures, or share a toast. Make sure to hurry to Jack Astor's immediately after the game, since it fills up quickly.

I hope it's a great game and you enjoy the trip!

Thanks for the answer, will try to call the argo's themself but currently I'm running into some problems

I've already tried to get some tickets through stubhub but they aren't accepting requests from the Netherlands :frowning: Those we're tickets in the 130 section row 17, for 29$ a ticket so good price :wink:

There is also an Unofficial Tailgate party in the parking lot near York/Bremmer (South West Side)
If you stop by I'm sure someone can throw on some food, beer, or whatever.

Come by and say Hi at least, i enjoy meeting people from these boards,

Mulder, you are here too? btw, the unofficial tailgate is great. You could also post on or get tickets via