From The Mind of Rusty25

I just want to use this space to maybe rant a little, express a few thoughts that I have and basically just write whatever comes to mind regarding the Tiger-Cats and the CFL...

  1. I loved Warren Moon's Pro Football Hall of Fame speech.

  2. I think Jamie Boreham is a horrible kicker. For all I know he could be the nicest person in the world... but I don't care. I think my 80 year old neighbour is really nice... doesn't mean he can kick a field goal.

  3. I like Joe Horn.

  4. I think the New Orleans Saints have the best uniforms in the NFL.

  5. Excluding Hamilton due to bias, I think Saskatchewan has the nicest uniforms in the CFL.

  6. I wish more football teams played on natural grass, especially Hamilton.

  7. I would like to see some more crazy games played in snow storms and rain.

8) Jason Maas is going to be a great quarterback for the Hamilton Tiger-Cats... lets give him some time to adjust to the few faces he's throwing to and settle into Hamilton.
  1. I think Kerry Joseph is a running back that can throw the ball a little. I don't like how he plays. When he was with Ottawa it seemed like every play was the same... "pump fake, pump fake... run the ball". I just don't like him. Casey Printers... same thing. Casey just happens to throw the ball a little bit better. Hey, while we're on the subject... Michael Vick too.

  2. Whatever happend to Kordell Stewart?

  3. Bring the CFL to Windsor!!! Please!!!