From the Left Coast

As a relatively new member of this forum and an unabashed supporter of Jamie Boreham (no bombs please!) I really hope the Cats turn the season around. I feel for all you disgruntled fans.....we out West went through a very similar situation during the ongoing "Reign of Error" prior to your own David Braley buying the Lions and appointing first Bobby Ackles and then allowing Ackles to hire Wally Buono.

We went through a succession of major F*** Up's (although we DID win one Grey Cup - more by luck than judgement).

Please be patient and let the old, wise head of Ron Lancaster have a chance.

Of course, should the Lions lose to Saskatchewan on Friday, we'll be happy to ship the whole lot of 'em to Hamilton!

Just Kidding! Hang in there's gonna get better.

it wasn't luck, it was Danny Mac.