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I started watching this game in 1966. I was excited about it from the beginning. Although sometimes the scores and losses were disappointing, the games and the league was always just great. I didn't know that I was supposed to be critical of the game and the league and the officials. I didn't know that the game wasn't really good enough as is. I didn't know I wasn't supposed to enjoy it so much until it got "fixed".

In my opinion, everybody who complains and says this should be better or that should be better is really saying, the game and the league is just not good enough right now. I say bologna.

I have taken part in discussions and put in my 2 cents worth of what might be improved from time to time, but really, the only changes I ever wanted or required were those changes that improved, or was supposed to improve, player safety.

Don't need new balls. Don't need new logos. Don't need different reffing. Don't need any other rule changes.

It is disappointing to realize that I enjoyed the games a lot more before I discovered this site. Specially the last 10 yrs or so. Now, after 50 years, most of them as a diehard lover of this game, I find myself not even looking forward to the upcoming season. sigh

Here's FootbalYouBet view about anything new in the CFL



I,m sure if I,m misunderstaning the thread. Is there anything wrong about wanting making things better. Even a good game, which it is is not perfect. Nothing wrong with change.

For example if eye in the sky and the referee exchange program makes the games better, I'm all for it. Won't know until they try.

Hockey at one time didn't allow forward passes and basketball didn't have a 3 point line.

Sounds to me like FYB is about to blow his top over all these new changes happening this season. :cowboy: :lol:

it must have been a b#tch to score back then. :stuck_out_tongue:

There has been a lot of changes, probably too much. For me the one that has impacted the game the most is this constant increase towards micromanagement. The beauty of this game was how open it was. It was really a players league now its a lot more like the NFL (probably because it tries so hard to emulate it) Over-coached, over-officiated, over-managed…

Instead of Star players we are constantly talking about the Star coaches and Star GM’s. This is a mistake… Now teams have mini-camps in Florida where reporters are not allowed or censored in what they can report ! A combine for prospects who many don’t want to participate told by their agents it will hurt their energy level for their upcoming NFL auditions !

The CFL should do as much as it can to stand up as different to the NFL, not the opposite. This use to be a league of gun slingers and individuality where players could do what their instincts told them. Now we get coaches playing with inches and dinking and dunking their way to a mediocre two scores a game… Players like Flutie and Allen would never achieve what they did then if they came into the league today. Or on defense players are getting acting lessons how to hold, grab or bump or throw themselves on the turf. Kind of like Euro soccer…

They want to grow a new generations of fans with the youth. They won’t accomplish that by making Chris Jones, Popp or Milanovich the stars of the show. The fans, the owners and the players are not the ones benefitting from letting the team bosses decide what kind of league the CFL is to be.

That's too bad, I am looking forward to this season. For the first time I have bought a mini-package for the Argos, I never thought that would be possible, looking forward to see them outside at the Ex playing on real grass.
Also bought a mini-package for the REDBLACKS and looking forward to our trips to Ottawa, so far it's the best place to watch a CFL game.
Just waiting to see if the Ticats sell the home opener package this year.

I see all 9 teams fielding very competitive teams this year. It's going to be an awesome season! :thup:

As much as I can get discouraged reading negative posts FYB on the CFL forum I am more elated by the fact there is so much interest from across the country in this league .

Technology is allowing me to connect with CFL diehards like yourself .

I am looking forward to this season and the CFL soap opera's that keep me coming back for more .

The NFL did crazy things too like the monochrome colour uniforms on Thursday nights that made that league look bush .

The CFL is not that bad and are doing more positive things in the last five years than the twenty before .

Sometimes change is good, sometimes it is pointless.

At one time the forward pass was illegal. Glad that got changed.

got a point, and yet, I love watching aussies rules football.

:thup: So do I. Friday's game on TSN2 between the West Coast Eagles and Sydney Swans was very entertaining.

Exactly how I feel Grover. FYB, hey, go with the flow and enjoy. There are always reasons in life to look at the downsides of things. The trick is to not let that overtake you. Feel positive and look to the bright side of everything even if some things get you down.

Nothing is perfect in life, just the way it is. The CFL is a fantastic league that sure, has some problems like any enterprise but onwards everything goes.

I was in Australia a few weeks ago, took this pic of Sydney from a park near the Cricket Grounds.
An Aussie rules field - the field is huge almost 200 yards long, can you imagine players running up and down non-stop for a whole aussie game - each quarter is around 30 minutes