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The story says it all!!!

Awesome story.

Everyone in that town must feel better today.

For sure. :thup:

Congrates to Matt for giving 100% even with the score.
Nice to see todays youth with that kind of drive.


Not going to lie, this tottaly made me tear up!

The video:

Probably shouldn't have read that at work... :wink:

Thanks for sharing that wonderful story. At a time when the world seems like a horrible place to me, it's nice to see that kind of innate goodness in people. That story has special meaning for me and I'm so glad to have read it. I can't wait to watch the video.

No doubt!!
Awesome story.

It takes alot to make me cry,and even though I didn't cry at this I must admit that I came really close.
The world needs more of these kind of stories.
Great post.

I have a son, who just turned 2 who has Down Syndrome. First of all, I am so thankful that he was born in 2007 and not 1957, when people like him were typically sent to live their entire lives in soulless, dehumanizing institutions. Second of all, I hope that the current spirit of inclusion that we have seen growing in our society continues to grow and that by the time my son reaches high school, this kind of story won't seem so remarkable. I hope we can move from seeing this story as something about 'special needs' to something about 'ordinary rights'.

One other thing I should say is that I know a young man with DS who would have been in high school football team ten years ago. He was on the football team and he actually scored a touchdown at Ivor Wynne Stadium under a similar arrangement. You can't imagine how proud he is to tell you about it. Kudos to the people who made it happen.


I have a nephew with Autism and while he is not nearly high functioning enough to play sports, it has always amazed me how he has been treated by the kids in the school he went to and now by those in his highschool. They have always treated him with respect and so many of them took the time to play with him and make him a part of things to whatever extent he could be.

I have to echo Red's sentiment and say that I am so glad he was born in a time when people are more educated and accepting because back when I was his age, he would have been an outcast and that has never been the case for him.

Wow one of those real life stories thought to be only reserved for the writers in Holywood. All i can say is wow!

Hat's off to all that made this happen ....My Goodness WOW is right !!!!

Holy emotional moment in front of my PC.....

Powerfull Media

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Here is another amazing and similar story. The video is about three minutes but it was the best three minutes I have spent in a long time. :thup:

I've seen that one before, but that is the kind of thing you can never see too often. Matt's TD was also amazing.