From the Editor's Desk: Ranking the best celebrations ahead of Week 11

We all know that the F in CFL stands for Football, but sometimes it stands for Fun.

One of the many things I love about the CFL are the celebrations that players do after a touchdown, interception, sack, or anything else that can be cheered about.

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I absolutely HATE those celebrations. It’s immature, ridiculous and unnecessary.
Act like you’ve been in the end zone.
I hate the teams /players that have disrespected team logos. This isn’t the “hood”! This is a football field.
Just because you’re in town for a day, we live here.
Act like a grown man. Not doing worms, or snakes or whatever the hell your actions are.
STOP the nonsense!!!
I hate those celebrations!!!

You know I absolutely LOVE those celebrations. The best was the BC lions receivers and Dane Evans going onto the couches in the fanzone against the Elks, and Lucky whitehead opening up the bag of chips and dumping them on his facemask. Pure gold Jerry!! And well worth the fines they were given. Keep it up, this is still an entertainment business, and boy is that entertaining to watch.

I have no problem with football celebrations. It’s supposed to be a fun sport. Why suck the life out of everything?

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Yep. It’s a game.
I personally subscribe to the humility mindset but I have no problem with creative celebrations.
The best way to end it is to keep them out of your end zone.

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