From The Editor's Desk: It's spooky season in Week 13

Week 13 comes to us during spooky season, which is fitting since the number 13 is associated with all things eerie.

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Ok Kristina, this is what I've seen from you this year when it comes to the Alouettes:

Week 2: MTL at EDM - You picked EDM, MTL won. (-)
Week 3: MTL at CGY - You picked MTL, CGY won. (-)
Week 4: HAM at MTL - You picked HAM, HAM won. (+)
Week 5: OTT at MTL - You picked OTT, MTL won. (-)
Week 7: BC at MTL - You picked BC, BC won. (+)
Week 8: MTL at TOR - You picked MTL, TOR won. (-)
Week 9: HAM at MTL - You picked HAM, MTL won. (-)
Week 10: MTL at OTT - You picked OTT, MTL won. (-)
Week 11: OTT at MTL - You picked OTT, MTL won. (-)
Week 12: MTL at TOR - You picked TOR, MTL won. (-)

Yyou seem to have a problem with picking them to win for some reason. You have only picked them to win TWICE in ten games. I mean, come on, you picked the REDBLACKS over the Alouettes THREE STRAIGHT TIMES. Nobody who has been actually following the CFL this year would have done that. Ironically, the number of times that you picked the Als to win is the number of times that you've been correct when it came to predicting their games. You've only been correct TWICE all season as you relentlessly and inexplicably pick them to lose week after week. I mean seriously, you picked the REBLACKS to beat them in all three games they played and in all three games they played, the Alouettes won.

What I can say with full confidence is that I feel MUCH better about the upcoming game against the Riders knowing you picked the Riders to win. When the Alouettes are involved, your record is an abysmal 2-8, which is ironically the record that the Alouettes would have if all of your picks were correct.

Being in the position that you are, with the expertise that you're supposed to have, you should probably check yourself for unconscious anti-French bias.

It's extremely prevalent in English Canada and I should know because I'm a Montreal Anglophone who lives in the GTA and I still see it even though it's not directed at me. I'm not faulting you for it because it's not deliberate but I think you should look at those results week after week and ask yourself "Why did I make the pick that I did?". You might start scratching your head and have no idea why you picked Montreal to lose all of those games.

In football, there's a word to describe a 2-8 record. That word is ABYSMAL. A 2-8 record usually results in personnel changes like the coaching staff being fired. If you made your picks with a dartboard, you probably would have done better, that's how inexcusably BAD you've been this season.

If you say that the Riders will win, then there's an 80% chance that the Alouettes will win based on just how awful your predictions have been for them this season. If you say the Als will lose, that's a VERY good sign because you clearly have no rational reason to make that claim based on your previous choices.