From the Editor's Desk: Is this the best Argonauts team ever?

I’d like to take a minute to shine a light on what we’re witnessing in Toronto right now.

The Argonauts are putting together a fantastic campaign and have the chance to lock up the East Division this weekend with a win over Montreal.

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Nope. Not at all. QB isn’t throwing accurately, D isn’t tackling, vs Als.

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No they’re not the best ever. The 1996-1997 Argos are the best Argo team ever and arguably the best CFL team of all time. Way too early to compare Kelly to Flutie who is the undoubtedly the best CFL player of all time. If they wind up 17-1 and win the Grey Cup ask again and you might get a different answer, but that’s a real long shot.


My sympathies to any fan who never saw the Flutie led argos.


I’d have to see how they’d do if they played Wpg and BC more with a balanced schedule