From Sportsnet on Marshall

After starting the season with four losses, the Hamilton Tiger-Cats might be ready to make a change at the expense of head coach Greg Marshall.

Rumours are swirling Friday that one day after falling to 0-4 on the season, the team is considering relieving Marshall of his coaching duties. Hamilton dropped a 27-21 decision to Montreal on the road Thursday night.

Any decisons regarding the coach will not be made until the team arrives back in Hamilton on Friday afternoon.

"We had trouble scoring in the first half, and we needed to," an angry Marshall said. "We had good field position. Our defence gave us opportunities and we didn't put the ball in the end zone.

The Ticats made significant offseason changes last winter, including bringing in quarterback Jason Maas and running back Josh Ranek. So far the personnel moves have failed to payoff on the field.

Marshall joined the team in 2004 after a successful varsity coaching career with the McMaster Mauraders.

sportsnet seems to the only one saying this

Who would/should replace him?

The media is often the source of their own rumours and those dumb fan who swallow it hook line and sinker help keep it going and give the media reason to keep making up rumours.

Where are the swirling rumours originating from? It would be nice if the article mentioned this.

ummm..this website maybe?

It wasnt good this morning when i was eating my cheerios, and i was watching sportscenter. And in the top 10 plays they had the blocked kick for a touchdown.I almost threw my breakfast back up. Something has to be done.

and those dumb fan who swallow it hook line and sinker help keep it going and give the media reason


But, to be honest in what I think will happen in my heart, I think that Greg Marshall will be relieved of his duties in the next day or two. No rumour here, just what I think will happen based on nothing more than gut feelings.

If the article mentioned it, it wouldn't be a 'rumour', would it?
In that case, it would be called a 'fact'.

The Eagle :thup: :thdn: :thup: :thdn:

"swirling rumours" indeed!

What ever happened to responsible journalism?

Don't report something unless there is something to actually report.

What crap.

I'm no logician there Eagle but not sure about your logic here. Why can't you say "rumours orginiating from Mr. X inside the Cat offices indicate that..." Might not yet be a fact. To be a fact, wouldn't it have had to have happened already? Or an official announcement from the team that this will happen?

To be honest, I didn't read the article. But from the original post, there was no mention of Mr. 'X', nor for that matter, Mr. 'Y'.

So if the article mentioned a name, I would be more inclined to believe it. Otherwise, this so called 'rumour' is no better than there is a rumour I have won the Loto 649.

I stand by my original statement..

The Eagle 8) 8) 8)

hire john jenkins..haha

wahoooo ( ric flair strut )

I disagree with your logic and as my wife knows, I'm always 100 percent correct.


I suppose you did'nt believe the rumour Wendle Clark was gay either!

hard to beleive that one. He always seemed to have a chip on his shoulder to me. Always thought he needed to lighten up and have some fun once in a while :slight_smile:

From a purely results point of view, Marshall really doesn't have leg to stand on. But I still hope he stays on until the end of the season when a proper search for a replacement can be made. And please don't tell me Paopao.

An Argo fan

People used to call him Wendy. But hey, who cares what someones sexual orientation is, as long as he can play. Correct?

whats sex got to do with being happy? :?