From five yards in...simple solution!

From the five in, it's a no have to play Porter. What I really noticed tonight was inside the five the Argos could focus on our rb. Porter gives you the threat of using the run, something you don't get with Glenn in there. The offense adds a completly extra dimension with Porter, inside the five. :cowboy:

Here's a suggestion why not use Adam Trafralis inside the 5 yard line as he seems to be really hard to take down he doesn't seem to run like a qb more like a tight end

IMHO the issue within the 5 is not the QB.

It's the RB.

Cobb is a give it to him 10 time and he'll pop a big one RB. Not a he'll get 3 on every carry RB.

We'd be much better off handing to a FB or putting Caulley in when we get close to the goal

Yes, as mentioned already. The OC should be mixing up the playbook. We were way too predictable inside the 7yd line. Running a bootleg, or a quick screen to the outside, might be an option next game. If Porter is healthy, getting him in there knowing that he is threat to run it in.

Plus we need better blocking schemes with lineman playing elligable reciever postions

8) It never fails to amaze me that whenever we are inside the five yard line, or even close to it,
 that we don't have a designed play, where the QB roles out, and has the option of either running
 the ball in himself, or throwing it to an open receiver in the endzone  !!!

  Once that QB starts to roll out, it puts all the pressure on the DE and Linebacker, to go after him'
  and most of the time a DB, who is in the endzone will have to release his man to come up and
  try to stop that QB  !!!

  End result is that some receiver is going to be wide open on the play.

  QB then has the option of throwing to the open receiver, or running it in himself for the TD  !!!

   It's just mind boggling that we don't have that play in our playbook  !!!!   <!-- s:roll: -->:roll:<!-- s:roll: --> 

   The Cats of yesteryear, made this, their bread and butter play all the time, with great sucess !!

    Or maybe we are saving it for the playoffs  !!!     <!-- s:wink: -->:wink:<!-- s:wink: -->

You can't fault them for trying Cobb...he has had a nose for the end zone in the past.
I would have liked a play action with the possibility of Glenn running it in on second down.
Porter gives you a better running option, but his passing and ability to read defences hasn't been stellar.
Also, I don't think you want him running on a wonky knee.
If Porter had engineered this win, we'd be singing his praises.
Glenn has earned our respect IMHO
We should rally behind him.

Remember when McMannus would actually call the option down near the goal line and run it himself. We all know that Danny was not very fast, but more often than not, it would totally fool the defense and he would score the TD. :smiley:

8) Exactly !!!!

Ah, McManus. The Danny Mac Naked Bootleg is possibly the most beautiful play in football history.

Ugly ........ but very effective

Tafralis looks like the reincarnation of Kenny Hobart. Let Tafralis run the ball from the five and in to the endzone. I think the future at quarterback looks very good. Nice job,Obie! :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:
Pat Lynch(the old guy in section 7)

LOL!!, you could almost hear the defense in the huddle. " you don`t think McMannus will try and run it in, Naaah :lol:

Here is an idea, why not get a healthy, big full back with good hands about 260 pounds and six foot 4 hand him the ball at the five yard line and have him carry the entire Argo team in for the TD!!! Sounds Great to me.

I'm all for Glenn and his control of the game but inside the five the defenses are not respecting his ability to run and thus are focusing on the rb. Porter is very effective pulling the ball and getting outside, where he can run it or pass it in. This puts the D in a very different position. They must defend against the rb, the qb fake and bootleg, the shovel pass or the pass. Trafalis would probably very effective also. :cowboy:

Ugly. I like ugly if it works. I'm not sure I want to see any of our QBs naked, but if it works, hey go for it. :smiley:

I've posted this in the past, but here goes again: I've never been able to understand why a coach on third and short anywhere on the field (not just inside the 5 yard line) would send any back up the middle. The entire stadium and more importantly, the opposing team, knows whats coming and they plug the middle so that it is near impossible to make any headway.

I am among those who like an option play in this situation; rolling out left or right with the option to throw,
By rolling to one side or the other, you eliminate half the defensive team.

Glen can,t run? IMHO its more the Importance of blocking inside the 5 or even the 10 yd line and the play set , why they are not using the short ydg set from when Kahari Jones was back up Q.B.?

Danny Mac couldn't run either, but he made this play work more than once.

3rd and short is basically automatic. I would love to see the stats on 3rd and 1 (or less than 1) and i'll bet its over 80% of the time converted. Agree if you need ANYTHING more than 1. But 1 yard (with the D giving you a yard) should be automatic, and that percentages will show that.