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Interesting stuff from Ken Peters.

I wonder if he has good sources or just a feeling about these changes. As far as Desjardins is concerned they have a G.M. in waiting in Dan Rambo.

Here is part of the Story.

Cats released Talman Gardner on Wednesday. He should never have been here in the first place. The Cats cut him in 2006 to keep Willie Quinnie.

Look for the slingblade to cut through the Cat assistants once the season comes to an end Saturday. The speculation is that three, possibly four, will be let go. And releases could come as soon as Monday or Tuesday.

Charlie Taaffe appears safe. GM Marcel Desjardins less so.

This excerpt from an article titled "Week 18 Reflections" posted by Perry Lefko on on Oct 28/07 also suggests that some form of restructuring is in the works for the Ticats:


Another feeble effort and Casey Printers gets hurt again. There are rumours the football operations will be altered significantly after the season by consultant Dan Rambo."

Do you have a link to this?

why should Gardner never of been hear? he was our best reciver

Very interesting. I don't think Marcel was ever ready for prime time. Some people are just good assistants. Rambo showed in Ottawa he knew what he was doing, just didn't have the resources he would have in Hamilton.
Charlie's assist's maybe didn't have any CFL experience to start with but they have now. What Hamilton needs is players the calibre of the other top teams in the league. Especially at DB and WR. But that no secret. Maybe Don Rambo would have more success in bringing in some game breakers. Marcel may have scared off some good potential players with his tough talking and questional moves. Players and agents are as observant as anybody else, maybe more so.

Hi Jordan02:

As per your request, here is the link to the Lefko article:

[url=] ... ko_week18/[/url]