From Bulldogs to Bulls

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Official details surrounding an #ohl Bulls sale and a possible @BulldogsAHL move expected to come within the next 60-90 minutes.

AHL governors to vote on Bulldogs future

Hamilton, ON, Canada / AM900 CHML | Hamilton News
Rick Zamperin
March 12, 2015 07:47 am
The future of the Hamilton Bulldogs could be decided Thursday.

The AHL’s board of governors is expected to meet to vote on relocating the Montreal Canadiens’ affiliate from Hamilton to St. John’s.

The board is also expected to vote on a relocation proposal that would move the IceCaps from Newfoundland to Winnipeg.

Bulldogs management has only said that owner Michael Andlauer is committed to hockey in Hamilton, adding “nothing is official.?

Will be interesting to see how this all plays out. The saga of hockey in Hamilton, oh boy! :roll: :roll: :roll:

Build it and they will come. :lol: But doesn't take a genius to figure out when a league doesn't want you, don't build an arena for that league in the first place. Ok, it's Hamilton, these sorts of things happen. :wink:

Belleville Bulls coming to Hamilton! Now let's see if Hamilton can oust London for top spot for average OHL attendance. I guess I will be seeing my brother in Hamilton a bit more often to watch his Knights, he couldn't have cared less about the AHL but loves his Knights and quest for the Memorial Cup each year.

Belleville Bulls hockey team coming to Hamilton

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I think a better decision would be to move the Marlies to Hamilton, there are a lot more Leaf fans than Hab fans in Hamilton and Toronto only support the Leafs, Hamilton would support the Marlies. I know this won't happen, but if you really think about it, it's what makes sense.

But it's the AHL, the Leafs want their farm team right on the spot. I mean what team are you going to put in the Ricoh Coliseum? I think MLSE owns it, they don't own FOC so really, that is a big issue. How many fans turn up in Hamilton compared with how many AHL fans show up in Ricoh for the Markies for the huge money making Leafs isn't an issue. For an NHL team that struggles to make money, sure, then Hamilton perhaps but not the Leafs case, convenience with owning the arena trumps some extra gravy dollars from the Marlies in Hamilton.

Maybe Hamilton should have sold FOC to MLSE. Ok, just kidding...I think. :wink:

Who cares and this has nothing to do with the Ti-Cats so why is it even on here!

Neither the Marlies or the BDogs can draw more then flies.
It goes to show you how the GTA area to include Hamilton is not a hockey area.
Merely a stupid kool aid drinking Leaf fans.

Why not Bull Dogs, to show some respect to the Belleville history but essentially retain the name?

Which is what the owner Michael Andlauer said on CHCH would happen. He owns the Bulldogs name and it isn't going to St. John's with the AHL team.

Well I for one plan on buying season tickets next year to support time. No more excuses Hamilton Leafs fans. If you like hockey it's time we started packing the place.

Feel sad for Belleville. I was imprisoned in Trenton for eight miserable years and one of the few bright spots was being able to go to Bulls games. Hopefully the OHL will return to Belleville in the future but not in the Yardman Arena. Definitely no jewel of a hockey rink. Meanwhile, congrats to Hamilton. I hope it works there. I'll be more inclined to drive down to an OHL game in Hamilton than I ever would for an AHL game.

Hamilton should be able to be host one heck of a World Junior Tournament with London and Kitchener and maybe St. Catharines as well as co-hosts. The television ratings for the World Junior tournament are huge and this would be excellent for the city and region.

Awe man when I read the title of the post I got excited for two seconds and thought these guys were coming to town

I guess not :cry:

tigger: It's not about a "decision". It is about the owner of the Belleville Bulls selling the team...and the new buyer moving the team to replace an AHL team that is being moved. The Marlies are not in the equation. I think the move will be good for Hamilton and the new owner. But bad for Belleville.

That owner, Gord Simmonds, and the Mayor of Belleville Taso Christopher, don’t think they see eye to eye. That’s the way it is though, you put money into an facility for a major reno or a new arena and if that doesn’t happen, well, then the chips fall where they may. Owners do have the right with league approval to sell or what have you.

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The team will no longer be Montreal’s AHL team anymore, it will be Hamilton’s team.
The owner Michael Andlauer will have his people running the franchise, not the Canadiens organization
His GM, will have the people he wants running the show, not who Montreal wants running it and pulling the best players off the team at their whim.
Hamilton will now be eligible to host a Memorial Cup in the near future

Andlauer is a local owner and does great things for the community

Here is a great story about the positives of this for the community and city

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[b]"But a funny thing happened on the way to minority ownership with the Canadiens themselves, a Calder Cup in 2007, and even an outdoor game at Ivor Wynne Stadium in 2012. Andlauer’s focus broadened. He was still about the team, but it was becoming more and more about the community.

The Bulldogs’ Foundation started raising huge amounts of money and redirecting it to programs in lower-income areas of town. Areas like those where he grew up. Highlighted by the Dogs Breakfast program which now gives $125,000 a year to help students get fed properly before school.

He allowed the Hamilton Jr. Bulldogs to use the team’s trademarked name and logo at no cost. He continued to lose money but kept paying the bills. Other stuff, too.

When it became inevitable — his word, again — that the Canadiens were going to pull their prospects closer to home as so many AHL teams, Andlauer could have easily folded his tent and let hockey die here. It certainly would have saved him money. But he’d promised hockey would be here. So he started searching for a replacement.

He’d actually been looking for an OHL team for the past four years so he’d have a backup plan if the AHL bolted. But now he sped up the search, finally landing the Belleville Bulls on Thursday."[/b]

Who cares???...Winter's almost over...

No concern in this corner about a minor league hockey team...

I care.

Thank goodness for Michael Andlauer and that he is bringing an an OHL team to replace the AHL team. Without that all kinds of First Ontario Centre part time employees would lose their jobs or at least see significantly reduced hours and wages and a number of other downtown businesses like restaurants and bars that do a fair bit of pre and post game business would really take a hit.

This city's downtown is finally experiencing a gradual renaissance and losing 40+ nights of thousands of people flocking downtown for hockey games would be a real blow to that.

Having a hockey team playing 40+ games there in that downtown arena is just as important to this city economically - if not moreso - than having the 9 Ti-Cats games each year at THF IMO.

I care too. The Bulldogs and Cats have worked together in the past as evidenced by the outdoor classic and the Tigertown store helping run the Bulldogs store. Andleaur has been nothing but a boon for our community and he has invested far more into this city then his detractors ever will.

I hope this becomes the time that Hamiltonians stop being the NHL's bridesmaid and gets on with it's own legacy in our nations game.

Just read Radley's column in today's Spec and he mentions that the "new" Bulldogs will be wearing this year's Belleville Bulls uniforms when they start anew in Hamilton come October. He says it's "mostly because the time frame is too tight right now to make a significant change". Really? You mean they have seven months to make new jerseys and it can't be done?