From Beijing to Cam Hall to. . .

Seriously, I need a distraction on this board from the futility that the Bomba’s have since caused.

That being said, a nice diversion from the horrible/terrible/tragic reality that is - here are some topics I’d like the chance to rejurgitate the sorry bunch of born-again cfl_nerf_balls we call a football team.

First up . . . Brett Farve. Filthy rich, gets his time to shine as the reborn Joe Namath in disguise. Green Bay should have treated this guy better.

Second. . . Leah Hextall is now on TSN. I knew from the moment she’d deliberately alienate her fellow cast members from Winnipeg’s CTV affiliate, that she was pulling up her sell-out pants to Toronto’s kiln. Unbeleivable what this chick gets away with, in front of a live television feed no less.

Finally, Beijing/Olympics. I didn’t care when China got the games. . . and I sure as hell still don’t.

Bare in mind these are thoughts that any of you should add to.

This season I’ve become more aware than in the past - such focus on elite minded individuals (such as Bauer,) I choose to face Bauer with a dose of his own medicine.