From and Argo Fan

I'm sorry.

To lose the heart and soul of your team for almost nothing has to be disheartening. It looked as though the Cats had turned this season and franchise around, and were beginning to play much better football (up until the BC game). Moreno was a major part of this and last season's move forwards (slight and major), yet now he's gone.

I am legitimately sorry.......and I am not talking smack.

Time will tell if this was the most abysmal trade in Ticat history or not. It's definitely in the conversation if the pick and Mace do not pan out. The short term "fix" -- Moreno replaced by Anthony -- is a debatable move.

Oski Wee Wee,

Can't wait to watch the cats lose the next game. Damn we were improving...we started scoring touch downs and cut down on penalties...but our " reward" we lose our coolest defense player...damn.

It seems as though OB's hands were tied....Canada did not want to report to Hamilton...and then coincidently the bombers and Canada learned about a major injury to Canada???...What was Obie gonna do?...Like "Hey Zeke come on back, we really didn't want you to leave in the first place". there are obviously lines that are in between lines that need to be read....Bombers had Obie by the don't think Obie wanted a starting player with an immediate impact? Winnipeg had the upper hand to give us a "bucket of balls"....I think there is still more to unravel from this trade....Obie has to answer to the fans regarding this....Im always positive no matter what...however, i am confused....


Thanks TOFAN, I'm still trying to rationalize, in my own mind, why this trade happened. :?

Trying to separate fact from fiction over the last day or so, has been difficult, to say the least but there must have been an underlying reason for trading Zeke for a draft pick/future considerations...But what?

If I'm not mistaken, Canada was outside of the practice when he was approached and said he wasn't a bomber anymore. No mention of injury. The Winnipeg game was Sunday, this was Monday. It appears that he was prepared to go to practice but found out he was traded. He was then quoted as basically saying he didn't want any part of coming to a losing team. He then is to take some time out to decide if he was going surfing or not. Still no mention he is hurt. For half a day we wait to see what his decision is, and amazingly he has a previously undisclosed injury and the trade crumbles. Viola, Hamilton gets screwed. I do not believe Canada is injured, he simply wasn't coming to Hamilton. If he was injured it should have been disclosed to the Cats, but it wasn't and OB was ripped off. The League office should be reviewing this move as Winnipeg has violated any good conduct rules that the league may have. On the flip side of this, the Cats should have not accepted anything less than an equivalent starter!

Who shot JFK in your little conspiracy world? Canada wasn't injured he is sick. He has a ruptured spleen and is in the hospital. When our (WPG) GM found out he called your GM and told him of the situation and that the trade obviously must be canceled. Canada is being placed on the 9 games reserve and is out for the year.

My cousin’s hockey coach died of a ruptured spleen. In his sleep. Beside his wife. Who woke up next to a corpse. This is no laughing matter.

8) I remember the great TiCat star Hal Patterson, suffered a ruptured spleen in a game in Montreal back in the late 60's .
 He never played another game after that and had to retire  !!!

Can we really blame Canada for not wanting to come here??

Casey Printers and Jesse Lumsden are our two best players and we treat them like crap.. All we talk about is trading them.. Who wants to come and bust their ass for a team that won't respect them..

Excellent summation.

It really is that simple.

from what we are being told that it isnt a ruptured spleen it is enlarged ... and ok so Canada is sick why isnt he on our injured list ... oh wait i know WPG wanted zeke so faked a trade agreement so they could get what they wanted and hope to get above us ... Canada was quoted as saying that he had better things to do then come to hamilton to loose more games.... well that is all he seems to do in WPG anyways ... so why does it matter where he goes ... i dunno other then the bad record hamilton is a pretty good team ... plenty of community involvement an amazing fan base and as far as im concerned a good turnout every single game .... if Wpg or Bc were as bad as we are for as long as we have, noone would go im going to stop talking b4 i **** in someones cornflakes ... (not that i really care) :rockin: