From an Outsider: Nice Draft

You got the best player in the draft and the best eligible to play player as well…nicely done Cats.

Thanks TOFAN It's always nice to have perspective from a fan outside of the situation.

I am thrilled with the draft this year as we got the guy I wanted Giguere with the 8th pick.

I really don't see a Canadian receiver making it in the NFL although I wish him all the luck in the world.

Correct me if I am wrong, but has any Canadian receiver made in the NFL after Dirty Thirty, Jim Young?

The closest after Young may well have been the much-maligned Brock Ralph who attended a NFL training camp. However, I may be wrong but I don't think he got into any preseason games.

An Argo-Cat fan

Although not born in Canada but considered a Canadian....Jerome Pathon.

Jerome Pathon.

Ryan Thelwell played 6 games.

Brian Fryer spent a year with the Redskins before coming back to the Eskimos,

Pathon and Thelwell played in the NCAA while Fryer and Young were in the CIS.I remember Young returning punts with the Vikings eschewing the fair catch while his return partner,Lance Rentzel seemed to always take the safe catch.You gotta love those tough guys from Westdale and Queens.
Pat Lynch (the old guy from Westdale)
*I can't believe I used the word "eschew".

Gesundheit! :wink:

Tyrone Williams from UWO played for the Cowboys in the 1990's.

That's news to me. I always thought Pathon grew up in B.C.
I know he did play a year in the CIS with one of the east coast universities before heading to the NCAA.

I thought he might have a bit left in the tank after eight years in the NFL and come up and finish with a couple of years in the CFL. Maybe he didn't need the money and didn't want to take the big paycut.

Pathon grew up in Canada and his first year of University ball was in the CIS - he was rookie of the year there with Acadia (or StFX maybe?) before transferring to US college ball.

Tyrone Williams was NFL drafted by the Cardinals out of CIS ball with Western - barely played for them but hung around their roster for a couple of seasons.

Tommy Kane from Montreal was another Canadian who played receiver in the NFL - played his college ball with Syracuse - played several years for the Seahawks and finished his career playing a bit for the Argos who drafted him.

OJ Santiago is a Canadian who played TE in the NFL.

Lots of CIS/Canadian receivers besides Brock Ralph (who played US college ball) have attended NFL training camp / try-outs - Don Blair, Sylvan Girard, Grayson Shillingford (on Seahawks PR some i think), Denis Montana, Paul Masotti , for example

Currently, there is Calgary-born Nate Burleson of the Seattle Seahawks.

Williams was drafted by the Cardinals but later signed with Dallas and got 2 Super bowl rings but agreed, he didn't play that much. He also played on a Vanier winner and a Grey Cup winner with the Argos, quite a trifecta.

Pathon played one year at Acadia and then transferred to the University of Washington. He played for the Colts in the NFL and kept #1 pick Reggie Wayne on the bench for a couple of years. He then went on to the Saints and he memorably scored the TD on the "River City Relay"