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I thought I would share this long read with everyone else out there in CFL Fan land.

Dear Stamp Fans!

I would like to commend you all for being so passiontate about the team, coaches and players. I think that this is a wonderful site. I wish to remain anonymous, as I am a wife of one of the players. Another wife of a player mentioned to me that the Stamp Fans have a great web site. So naturally the curious woman that I am, I decided to browse the various topics and comments.

Im very impressed with the support that the Calgary Fans have provided and I would encourage other Fans to become members of your site. I will be sure to tell my friends, family and co-workers of your site. Great job Stamp Fans.

Typically I would never take a look at something like this, too often there are comments that can be a little harsh, and this is probably why many of us avoid reading the papers or comments from Fans. However after reading through everything, I was so pleased, and never knew how enthusiactic and dedicated Stamps fans are. So I have decided to take a more proactive approach.

Last year was a very tough year for the Stamps, and being a wife to one of the players I learned very quickly how the media can turn on a player at the drop of a dime. It's the nature of the Beast.

Its always tough watching the one you love take 15 minutes to roll out of bed because his knees are swollen, he has turf toe, his head is pounding, and his elbows have bled through my good bed sheets! I think I bought 3 new duvet covers last year because I couldnt get the oozing puss and blood stains out, now that is disguisting. The last 2 years for the Stamps was definately a tough one for all of us.

I often shake my head and wonder how he finds the motivation and inspiration to get up everyday at 6:30 am to work out, go for a run, train hard, and wear his jersey proudly walking out onto the field facing thousands of cheering fans. I can barely get out of bed and find the motivation to get to the office before 8am, but this is what he lives for!

*I work to live, and he lives to work.

What some of you might not know is that the players can hear most of everything you shout out whether it's good or bad, they hear more than you think. I can tell you one thing, the most outrageous fans are in SK and Winnipeg, the fans have no problem telling the Stamps how much they dislike them, there is no love loss here. But then again Im sure there are a handful of Stamp fans that have no problem speaking their lack of terms of endearment to SK players!

  • Remember positive energy is contagious, but negative energy is much more infectious.

Every morning before even eating my breakfast, I would race downstairs to grab the Calgary Herald and fumble my fingers directly to the sports section. Being the emotional creature that I am, I would get so angry about what the media would have to say about our beloved Stamps after a loss. I would get so worked up that my husband would ask me to stop reading the papers, and so for the last 2 years I have made an effort to not read the papers or watch the news, well maybe once and awhile I would peak a little, UNTIL NOW,,,,

With butterflies in their stomache, and an incrediable drive to win and please their faithful fans, I admire them all as they proudly play every game like it's their first. I have always stood by my husband and his team mates, regardless of their losses, as one thing he has taught me is that you must always keep your head up and without being a cliche, never give up.

If I could ask each of you to consider a few things. Many people think that the Players in the CFL make huge paycheques, and because their in the spot light they should be prepared to eat garbage. Well Im here to tell you that only a handful of guys on each team make 6 figures a year. Now Im not complaining because fortunately my husband is on the high end of the scale, however, when Im sitting in the stands with other wives and family members and the players children, I cant help but want to turn around and smack the guy behind me who is obnoxiously yelling out profanity to certain players. Failing to recognize that the wife and kids of that particular player is sitting in front of him. The same wife who her husband is supporting his family of 3 kids and wife on a salary of $40,000 a year.

Now as a ticket holder you all have the right to voice your opinions, and excitement. For the most part I have found Stamp fans to be fantastically supportive. Here's a thought I would like you to think about. You are at work doing your daily activites and your having a rough day, things cant seem to work out for you no matter how hard you try. To make matters worse there is someone following you and your family around on the job and outside of work, yelling out profanity infront of family and friends! Now if you speak up, or tell someone to bugger off, you are now branded as a jerk or unapproachable, now I know this sounds extreme, and this doesnt always happen, but Im here to tell you it has happened and it's never a fun position to be put in.

I certainly think there is a time and place for feedback, and I often get frustrated with out of control people who feel the need to make the players feel worse than they already do.

Nobody like's to loose we all want to succeed in life, in our personal and professional affairs.

So this year I have decided to become more involved by reading the paper, watching the news, and seeing what the Fans have to say on GoStampsGo. I hope that all of you continue to be supportive of your Stamps.

Remember these guy plays for the love of the game, whether they are loosing badly, injured in pain, or making less money than the average secretary. The players come out and play for you the Fans. I believe we have the right Players, Coaches and Owners in place to build a Grey Cup Team, I hope you all continue to come out and watch the games, and continue to hold such fantastic tail gate parties. I will be sure to hit you all up for the Alberta Food Bank Drive again this summer!

P.S. Who says we cant bring back the RED MILE for the Stamps! Everything is Contagious. Be Proud.



Again Great post Astra and I do know who you are now. But I will not reveal your real name. Yes, we fans do take for granted the family and the player of this great game. And yes, we Stampeder fans have proven we will cheer for our team regardless of the outcome. The last three years have been hard on the players, families and fans. But we can only look to the future and I believe our fortunes will change very quickly. I am a big fan of your husband and he is a big key to our team. I am just glad he is on our side. He plays with a few characters if you know who I mean. Thank goodness the new owners took over so we could get rid of the F troop disease. I would not wish this situation on any team. But everyday reading the improvments this team is making makes us feel great again. And I am sure your husband and fellow team mates have something to prove this year. We are behind them 100 percent. Win or lose we are there.

By the way welcome to the site! I wonder if Cute Blonde knows there is a forum here it would be good to see that person on here.

Aren't YOU the hubby, 2005?


thats almost stooping to my level Moses..dont wanna go there.

She is absolutely right in everything she states. My job here in Ohio currently pays me about $40,000 a year and I think I do a pretty darn good job. But....inevitably....I have a bad day. And YES it would really set me off to have someone following me around stating the obvious.

These players DO play for the love of the game (as all sports should be played), and they play for the fans in that city. Considering the money they DON'T make, they owe us nothing and have nothing to apologize for if they have a bad day.

Unlike the overpaid crybaby athletes down here in the states, making the money they do for the poor quality they put forth, they make themselves targets for ridicule because Greed dictates their lives and they don't really care about the fans.

I for one never spew profanities at any kind of sporting event. But even I feel frustrated when my team doesn't perform as I feel they should on that day. We all want our teams to win, but in the end we all know there can only be one champion every season. And when we're feeling frustrated or upset because one player or maybe the whole team contributed to a loss, let's remember one simple thing before we let the venom fly from our lips that maybe a child in the stands will here.

If any of us could do a better job.....well.....let's try out and take our lumps!

Aren't YOU the hubby, 2005?

No moses she is the wife of a cfl player and I see you are showing lots of class age why do you not grow up!

Aren't YOU the hubby, 2005?

No moses she is the wife of a cfl player and I see you are showing lots of class againwhy do you not grow up! You see Astra they just do not get it. Do not look at all Eskie fans like this there are some good ones on this site. This fellow you can see for yourself is not the sharpest tool on the bench but he does post some good ones.

well said.

Yeah, most of the Stamps fans I met are pretty good people.

God knows it's more fun exchanging insults with Stamp fans than those frickin' combine-pilot Rider fans.

(I kid, I kid)

I like that one!

.........combine pilots, LOL.........I gotta remember that one.........32001, bejezus, chotchie I'll trade barbs with you anyday because as much ribbin as we toss about you and a few others take it well and dose it back equally.....Moses is a foo who has zero class and a small man syndrome, shown here by an insult to a lady whose soulmate lays it on the line for our entertainment.

My word...and you tell ME to grow a thicker hide. You've got me rollin' pal! :lol: I take a tiny poke at you and your common-law and you accuse me of slammin' this poor sista? Please...

And save your threats for friday night at the French Maid. They may take you seriously there...the patrons, not the dancing girls. Now git along, little donkey...

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And another gooder...

RW likes to "spar" with such notables as 32001 yet 32001 states that my dig at YOU, RW is "almost stooping to his level". Which is it exactly?

Be careful now. The wifer may be on to you. Could RW have a side dish in 'Toon who's an Eskie fan?

Stay tooned... :shock:

Againe Moses this just shows not only to Stamp fans but your fellow Eskie fans how classless you are. Pea brain ya I will give you that but not much more. You bet just come down to McMahon we will show you a good time. As for the other Eskie fans sorry guys he is your classless fool, good thing he move to Toronto. taking offense to you dissin a wife of a player on the team I support has nothing to do with how thick MY hide is, it has everythign to do with chivalry and basic gentleman101........apologise to the lady EM, a gentleman would do no less.........otherwise begone with you and your caustic ways.............

You guys need to settle down. :x

Like I said poor Toronto now they have Edmonton's lost idiot! ha ha ha ha ha
Good for Edmonton!

Okay folks - moderator stepping in. We're all for good-natured trash talk between fans but any personal attacks on other forum users won't be tolerated (including bad language disguised with alternative letters etc.).

Consider this your warning - and happy trash talking.

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OK, win. Which broad shall I apologize to first? You, 2005, or Astra? 8)