From a Player's Point of View

Try putting yourself in a talented college player's shoes. If you got cut from NFL training camp, do you go to the CFL or AFL? Which league is viewed as more "professional"? I mean, AFL is on ESPN and gets way more American TV air-time. However, I'd like to think of the CFL as the best option for players prepping to go back to the NFL or even play ball and make a name for himself. So, do most players lean toward CFL or AFL?

Whoever offers them more money. Usually the CFL.

But because of the small roster size of AFL teams, even if they don't pay as much money for salaries, they can still pay each individual player a fair amount.

Still the CFL pays more.

No go to the CFL if you want to try and further your Gridiron career. AFL has become an entity of it's own after 20 years. It used to be said that AFL players were just large field wannabe's. But have to be a REAL athlete to play indoors.

CFL. Its actually football. AFL is a 45 yard field. Give me a break.

...easy for us to say ('cept maybe geo) as we all live and breathe here in Canada...for a guy coming out of a southern school and looking maybe to stick close to home (friends, family) the AFL must look tempting....

How aware are US college players of the CFL in the first place? I'd be willing to bet that they don't learn of the league until they are far advanced in their college career.

To : Rob the Ticat:
You think a kid who grows up playing football and wants to turn pro has no idea about CFL until mid college?

Are you serious?

Americans are not as stupid as you may think. They are aware of a CFL. If they aren't, then they aren't very serious about playing football.

Since this thread is called FROM A PLAYERS POINT OF VIEW . . . Who is the player that will be giving us his point of view?

I would go to CFL just because our game is a lot closer to the NFL style game than the Arena Game.

No I understand that. But I actually watch AFL, and for the $ and the game itself, you gotta go for the CFL.

Interesting read.

I'd have to agree that they'd choose the CFL as it IS real football. Nothing agains the AFL as I've only seen a couple games but's not football. It's a spectacle.

Now, who is the player and where is his point of view??


Scenario 1:

Talented wide receiver from University of Alabama - drafted in the 6th round - did not make practice roster. Where does he go now?

Is he a speedster or more of a possesion guy?

You decide.

You would be surprised.
I think it was Tom Canada who had no idea the CFL existed until his agent told im about it.

I have heard that about a couple of American players

And with a name like Tom Canada, he has no excuse!!!!

Generally speaking, yes. But I would take this a bit further and say it would depend on what position I play.

As a running back in particular, for example, I'm all over the CFL since AFL teams hardly bother to run.

If I'm a tackle, I think I might be more interested in the AFL because it doesn't have the one-yard gap, plus some CFL teams like to have a Canadian there which adds another factor to the decision as to whether or not I play.

i originally thought he was canadian because of his name, too :lol:

I think we are looking from this from the wrong point of view. I beleive the CFL teams go on "Scouting" missions in the States. I've heard on the radio where Wally and his staff have gone to "Bowl" games in December and January to look at potential players who WONT MAKE THE NFL, but could fit in up here.