From a BC Lions fan, im sorry.

Wow, Its embarrasing we are playing like this. We are done, were screwed. If we were out, I wanted you guys to win, but unfortanultely we had to play each other. But if I knew we would play like this against MTL, I would of wanted you guys to beat us. You guys deserved a grey cup so much this year, last year having a bad season, then this season, BOOM, you come out of no where. You guys did great, you guys mostly deserve it out of all teams, wishing I could see you guys in the grey cup. Keep the faith guys, next year will be a Hamilton vs BC grey cup :slight_smile:. Everyone season I root for BC first, I will never switch from being a BC Lions fan, NEVER, but you guys are my second favorite team, and whenever BC gets booted out, I will cheer for you guys. Good lick next year guys. GO LIONS GO and GO CATS GO!

Thanks GSF! I think Casey Redux is going to be exciting to watch on the Left Coast in 2010. It is going to be a wide-open race next year in both divisions IMHO. Time will tell.

yes, it was certainly an embarrassing performance. At least geographic integrity has been returned to the CFL.

We would have sufferd the same beating, once MTl starts rolling! Its hard to stop them!

I don't know what will happen with casey, he is 1-4.

Casey was just an injury fill-in. Pierce and Jackson will be back in 2010.

Thanks but…no. Hamilton didn’t deserve to be in the Grey Cup any more than BC did. Montreal is a juggernaut this year and deserves to be there.

I think printers will stay, he proved himself. plus its not his fault he was 1 and 4, its a team game.

Wally Buono has to be concerned about the number of concussions and other injuries Buck Pierce has sustained during his three year CFL career. Printers who, to the best of my knowledge, has never had concussion issues, showed enough over the last five games to compete with Pierce (if healthy) and Jackson for the number one quarterback position with the Lions next year unless one of them gets traded to Toronto or Winnipeg during the off-season. Travis Lulay will likely be the number three quarterback in 2010 and Zac Champion could be the odd man out next year.

I'm betting that Printers will be the starting QB in BC in 2010. He's back folks, today's loss and his 2009 record notwithstanding. Buck might give him a run for the job but his glass head will be his demise--again.

An Argo-Cat fan

I think Printers will start, and JJ and Lulay will be back ups.

Yeah, but he could easily have been 4 and 1. He played very well in all games except against Montreal. And in that game, the Offensive line was awful. I don't blame him for the losses.

I think a collection of the best from both the Lions and Ticats would've had a hard time handling Montreal. I figured it was going to be a boot stomping no matter what.

I thought our running game might have been able to put up more points against them than the Lions (given the strength of the Als secondary), but at the same time, I think our secondary would've been less able to handle the Als passing game.

Plus, Coborne pretty much ran rough-shod over us last time.

Anyway, the best team is representing the east. Though, agree, it would've been nice for a more competitive game -- especially in front of that great Montreal crowd.

I wouldn't be surprised if the Casey goes to TOR with Braley rumour comes true.

If Casey is smart, he won't do that.

The only system that Casey has succeeded is when he has played for Wally Buono. KC and Ham were complete disasters for CP. If I were Casey, I would follow Wally whereever he goes.

Casey will definately be back with the Lions next season.Remember it was God that told Wally to bring him in and you Can't argue with God.I just hope it wasn't Mr. Braily whispering in Wally's ear while he took a nap!