From 1-1: Outlook Through 6 Games

After the disaster in Regina, we have the following schedule for the next four games.

Note also that not one of the games for the next two months are on a weekend. They are all on Thursday, Friday, or Monday!

I stated before the season started that I would be thrilled if the Eskies went 3-2 through July. I also did not think we would beat Toronto until I changed my mind a few days before the game on a hunch.

To go 3-2 from this point, we'd have to sweep Winnipeg and that's a tall order.

Essentially whatever is done with the offence, the good news is that in playing Winnipeg and Saskatchewan again through six games, the offence does not have to be great but rather only above average and free of mistakes like against Toronto.

The game against BC next Friday night might as well be used as an experiment for the offence and as if it were a pre-season, as we are overmatched all-around and have little to lose.

Let's see what Reed retools to focus on Winnipeg and Saskatchewan for the most part.

If someone key is hurt, that's the game to let them rest off roster on the one-week injured list to let someone else on that list get some playing time.

I think we would be lucky to win another game before the NFL cuts . I hope Reed keeps his job , if ET feels any heat he may fire Reed to save his own ass.

I think the Esks will be 2-3 when they meet Sask. at Commonwealth on August 10th.
On that note: Playing Nichols at this point is not a good idea - IMO; Joseph QB coach, thus bring in Cleo Lemon Too!

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Receiver Adarius Bowman gone for the season, suffered serious knee injury.

What a bummer and sad news given also the serious nature of the knee injury.

Well then who slides in as the third SB in place of Bowman given that Stamps and Koch are starting otherwise? Collins?

Carr is out with a leg injury as well for one game at least. Hargreaves and Carter come off the 1 game injured list.

Esks bring in OL Import Belton Johnson to practice roster.

This means both Chambers and Cohooern may start out wide I would think. In any case, it sucks.

We sure better be able to run the ball and make short passes like in week one.

Then we can mail it in against BC to retool and heal because we are going to be killed anyway.

Depth chart should be up soon. Carr [may?] be good to go; thus Carter is in, however now with the ratio it will be Collins instead of Hargreaves.

Edmonton depth chart not yet available; on the other hand, depth charts of Saskatchewan,Toronto and Hamilton are already available.


Backer, Oiler, and Voice, please have your inside people handle this recurring issue for the good of the fans! :?

At BC … :?

We are not far from being a good team now at 2-1, but it is hard to be happy with my outlook for 3-3 going into some break time in August and NFL cuts.

I’ll take 3-3 given some shaky weaknesses at hand as I commented in the thread for Jyles and on the new thread on defence.

Injury update from Dave Campbell; Ricardo Coclough will replace Weldon Brown [groin] - LB Clint Kent may be a go, thus Ronnie Prude is on the 46..

Backer, Chief, call your people and tell them please to not make us wait for the depth chart until well after lunch on Friday! :roll:

Depth chart is posted in the Eskimo website.

Thanks for making a few calls and making this happen Backer. We demand superior service you know.

Where is Schiavone? He's listed on the depth chart but is not on an injured list.

It's time for Chambers and Coehoorn to step it up on the outside now. With Carr and Bowman out we are looking thin at receiver.

They should stick MacKay in place of either Carter or Hargreaves too.

As tall as are all offensive lineman on the depth chart now except the centre Koch, I sure hope they start playing as well as they are tall.

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Kick returner signed to practice roster as reported in the free agents thread. Our Special Teams must improve on net punting is one area; I wonder however if Dales gets the ball down field Quicker as opposed to when Duval was here? Stats are similar on average; did Duval have a higher punted ball [hang time] that could be the difference from last season? On that front the Lions net punting isn't great either...see what happens tonight.

Dales' punting and hang time are fine, and his directional kicking is superb. It's the punt coverage that sucks.

Great game for us. The offence improved. I don't like that we had to settle for so many FG, but we at least moved the ball. Even Joseph looked decent, leading us to another FG. I do hope Jyles is OK as I don't want Joseph as our starter for any length of time.

Defence... Jesus. :lol: We gave up some yards at times, but still got stops, picks (even one for 6), and sacks. If Jyles can turn into a game-managing QB, I think this could be a good team.

Edit: Forgot to mention: The only negative was a few dumb mistakes. Couple time counts and buddy messed up where he was supposed to be, which got Reed on the field.

From 1-1; I figured 2-3 after the Winnipeg game that is yet to be played…[now that Winnipeg who has injury problems] and the win last night in B.C. we have a good chance to go 5-1 or 4-2…next week at Winnipeg is going to be a tough game as their Defense gives their QB a chance to score/win and does our D. I must say I’m satisfied at this point.
Paolo X; keep your outlook/predictions coming, the Eskies need your expertize comments :smiley:

Edit: O-Lineman Devin Tyler tweeted that he will be here in around mid August as his 90 sentence will be over. The Esks need him for the [Labor Day] back to back games against Calgary I say.