Fritz released

....Something tells me that Taman will be all over this....Rodneys' stock seems to have fallen with Bomber management...It'll be either Popp in Mont. or Taman giving him a call...We'll see.. :roll: AND are we clearing the decks for the return of Philip Hunt :wink:

not surprised, his stock has fallen lots recently. mainor and collier arent as injured as thought to be and may return this week, with people coming back from injuries, guys needed to be replaced. released.

db darrell pasco was also released.

hamilton imo, seems to be a likely destination for fritz as creehan has familiarity however, why would they want our 4th strinng defensive end.

.....Some of these buzzards will take a look at anything off of a bluengold defence :wink:

Good luck to all 3, Doe, Fritz & Pasco, except against the Bombers oc.