Frist Predictions for 2006

I feel enpowered…

Grey Cup 2006 in Winnipeg (I’LL BE GOING FOR WINNIPEG BUT…)

Montreal over Winnipeg




wow predicitons already. It's to soon. We gotta see wut happens on the off season right noe the bombers need a defensive coordinator anda head coach. Nobody knows wut is goin to happen to Jason Maas. So please No predicitions. And I'll See you at the cup game next year in the peg.

No. No. Kanga is right. The Als will win it in 2006. They showed they could take it to overtime in the big game with lame corners and a doormat for a back-up QB. Imagine what they'll do after the off season.

Als to win it all in 2006. I'm buying my GC ticket right away.

And prediction wise, it's Alouettes: 2, all the others: none.

I know that my fellow Bomber fans will hate me for this, and so they should, but considering our situation, just making it to the GC in our own city would be a blessing. If the Bombers hold on to the right people and get the talent we need, we'll make it, but Montreal will be very determined to win it all next season, and no team can spot them unless they face certain disaster.

calgary over montreal , if not calgary, then edmonton once again ..haha

edmonton over hamilton.... lol i wish. ray VS maas..... crazy.

Though I'm an esks fan, I'm a CFL fan first...I hope Winnipeg takes it all at home in what will be Stegall's final year.

Calgary was better than Edmonton (and Saskatchewan) this year … and barring one of those teams signing Doug Flutie or something like that, they should be next year, too. You could see the Stamps starting to come together as a team as the year went on, and had we not gifted Edmonton the west semi, well, the Esks wouldn’t be Grey Cup champions, that’s for sure! Calgary’s also keeping its core intact for the longterm … which will only help us in the early going (and later, albeit not as much).

Edmonton will still be good (unfortunately), just like they’ll still try and buy up all the talent they can. But Maas will be a Tiger-Cat, meaning if Ray does go down, they’ll have to look to another (albeit promising) QB (or McManus).

Saskatchewan … has great depth at QB, now they just need a starter :wink:

BC is going to be interesting to watch, especially after their late-season capsizing. One of the QBs will probably move on (my guess is Printers). No QB controversy should help them out a lot!

Winnipeg is still in rebuilding mode … so I’m sorry to say that I’ll be surprised if they finish better than 5th.

Toronto could almost dominate, but is Damon Allen coming back? And will Montreal figure them out and catch up? It’s hard to say if the balance of power is truly shifting west, or if Toronto just squeaked by Montreal this year. Regular season would indicate that Toronto is dominant, but it’s hard for me to believe that this past season was the first in a downwards slide for Montreal. Those two should battle it out for first, and it’ll be fun to watch!

Hamilton, after getting Maas, has no reason not to improve. I didn’t think they looked too bad this year (though that might’ve been their uniforms, which are GREAT!). I think Hamilton will manage 3rd, possibly 2nd if one of Toronto or Montreal falter.

And sadly, I see the Renegades finishing 4th. Why sadly? Apart from the fact that they’re my second-favourite team, I really, really want to see them succeed and thrive in Ottawa, and a last-place team isn’t conducive to that. What with all the crap flying about now, about if they will fold, move, etc, it’s not going to get better if the Renegades finish in last. I really, really hope Glieberman pulls a Bob Young, and we see Renegades games as well attended as Tiger-Cats games, regardless of the team’s success. But on the field, John Jenkins is too hooked on the run and shoot offence for the team to be successful. No one will need to respect their run anymore! I’ve seen what John Jenkins can do to a team (Calgary in 2004) and it ain’t pretty. I really, really hope that it works for the Renegades (granted, they have Joseph, we had Crandell; they have Ranek, we had nobody).

So my 7-months-in-advance preseason predicted final standings arrrrrrre …


  1. BC
  2. Calgary
  3. Saskatchewan
  4. Edmonton
  5. Winnipeg


  1. Montreal
  2. Toronto
  3. Hamilton
  4. Ottawa

And as much as I’d love to see the Esks finally miss the playoffs, I’d expect them to win the west-to-east crossover.

ah they bloody thing dropped out again!!!!!!!!!!!! (hits the computer!)

I say my stuff later.

this is what I was saying:

Winnipeg will be a different team going into next seaon and be looking for a chace to prove thems selevs, they have great QBs (Glenn has put up number close to Allen and Michna is shoeing promise as a back up). All they need is more talent in the O department which they cane get in the off season and by trading Wanye since he says he is done with the club. they need to get back the D corridinator that quit during the season and hold on to Ryan for dear life. get Paopao to sign on and vola! Winnipeg will be ready to go next season.

This is my prediction for next season.


  1. Edmonton (on a high right now, that will continue into next season, unless ray goes down) or
  2. Calgary (see Canuckeys comments above)
  3. Winnipeg
  4. BC (with Printers gone to another club, likly Toronto, if DD goes doen this season again, they are in trouble, they lost almost 8 games in a row) or
  5. Saskatchewan (they have good QBs, but not great ones, they have a good team, but will that hold with the new cap? too many questions)


  1. Montreal (will get great talent in the off season and be on fire thur most of next season, will be seeing them in the GC no duobt)
  2. Toronto (Is allen going to be playing next year or be back up to Printers? huge questions! they sould make the playoffs but in which spot is the big ?)
  3. Ottawa (has nothing to lose now, I believe that they will give there all and just make it in the playoffs, they were only off by a few wins last season, if they get those wins next season, there in)
  4. Hamilton (Maas will be great for this team with Brandy as a great back up, but with Ottawa as detrimented as ever to my the playoffs, gonna be close)


West semi

Winnipeg over Calgary (by just a few points, little bit of revenge for 2001)

East semi

Toronto over Ottawa (you can't work miracles with the Gs)

West Final

Winnipeg over Edmonton (like with Calgary, Commonweth needs some playoff action after missing out last season)

East Final

Montreal over Toronto (no matter where it's played, in the big but hated Big O or the small but beloved Molson, Montreal will destory Toronto like last season.)

Grey Cup in WINNIPEG!

Montreal over Winnipeg (see above, Winnipeg maks a huge chage for their dismay 75th season and Montreal avenges the Expos and the 2005 GC in a better GC game than last time)

You know, what sucks most abou predictioning a team to win months before the GC on intenct is coming so close to being right on the night. :cry:

but if at frist you don't succed, try try try again! :smiley:

I predict that KK prediction will change 18 times until the start of the next season …


yeah, but not on the Grey Cup

...Kanga the ever optimistic BigBlue fan....way to go guy....maybe you could impart some of your enthusiasm to the new coach (whomever) and some of the Bombers in general...after a downer season I'm sure they could use a big lift....anyway ... predictions are a little too early ....sooooo many things to put together on this club....but I'm going to stick my neck out and predict WPG. will make the playoffs in 06.....there you go... :arrow:

Ottawa over Hamilton by 6
My opinions is as valid as everyone else's

who crosses over RO1313?

I don't start making predictions to at least a month before the season starts. Retirements, trades, aquisitions, draft, players jumping to different leagues.

Way too early to tell, but a good offseason post, now let's talk expansion, I' am just kidding we'll here about that til the start of next season.

Hamilton crosses over
Ottawa finishes first

My prediction:

From week 1 to 20...there will be 4 teams winning, 4 teams loosing..:wink: