Friggin' Riders...

...are at it again, skewing another Internet poll.

Today's poll: What has you most excited about tonight's game?

Fred Perry's return to Regina - 23%
Marcus Crandell starting at QB - 32%
Return of a healthy Ricky Ray - 19%
The official start of the 2008 season - 26%

Total Votes: 136

32% are excited about Crandell starting? Really? :expressionless:

I am excited to see how he will do. I also have faith in him (sometimes I feel like I'm the only one who does) Kerry Joseph played terrible last night so that has to make some fans feel a little better.

Go Riders!!!! Beat those Eskimos

Wait for Crandells performance it will make Eskimo fans excited.

Why bother with polls? LOL
They could be in last place and their dedicated fans would still say they are the best and who can blame them?, yeah chief, how do you know that 32% wasn't all EE fans voting?...

Never thought of that. I guess it could be a possibility. :lol:

:lol: Even I think that is funny.

:lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol:

To redandwhite- who has the last laugh now!!!!
Didn't Crandell lead your Stamps to a grey cup and win MVP!! :thup:

Hmm- no wonder 32% were excited to see Marcus as the starter!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :lol:


Riders - Grey Cup Champions
Stamps - forever challenged :rockin:

Turkey those eskimos were down right lousy.

Looks like Turkeybend survived the winter cold after all.

ANY team that loses is downright lousy.

Edmonton lost because they could not beat Saskatchewan. If Edmonton wasn't lousy, Saskatchewan would have been. That is how winning and losing works. Ricky Ray was 100% on his opening drive and looked good, after that the pressure was on and he could not finish his drives.

The weakest excuse ever to explain why a a team you do not like won a game is to say the losing team played bad.


No offence, but it's not hard to put the pressure on when the O-Line steps aside.

I'm not one to make excuses or steal wins... But when playing against the O-Line we have, I wouldn't be too impressed.

A better test will be when you guys face the Lions defence.

I cant believe Edmonton cant find some O-linemen. RR would shred any defence if he can get the same amount of time the other qbs do, even with his average at best recievers.

You have to go deep at least a couple times a game, it looks like Maccocia is still running the offense there, no imagination.

Wow your brilliant!

Wow they would be better off going to a seniors home for their oline. Those guys were brutal at best. Nice job Danny M your destroying a great franchise fast.

Esks fans- Ricky Ray is too good for the Esks not to recover from this disastrous game.
On a positive note- the game was still up for grabs late in the second half and the Esks were on the road. IT IS TOUGH TO WIN ON THE ROAD IN THE CFL. Kudos to the Argos and the Als who won this week on the road. The Esks need a running game to take pressure off Ray and keep the d-line and linebackers honest!!!
I still think the west will be wild this year unless the Stamps go on a run. My Riders are not world beaters despite what I say after my Guiness, Drambuie, hootch and other beverages after a Rider win. The lions are capable with all their talent even with questionable quarterbacking, the esks are dangerous on O always, Calgary can blow the doors off with all their talent and the Riders defence will be called on all season long to keep them in games. The West should be a crapshoot.
Hang in there Esks fans, but for this week--
Riders Rule
Esks drool!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

We definitely need to establish a running game... but we need a better O-line to create holes.

If our defensive line plays against Saskatchewan like they did against Calgary, the Equipment Manager better ship a lawn chair to BC Place because Crandell will have lots of time to throw the ball. :expressionless: :expressionless:

I wouldn't worry about BC's D-line Sporty. Unlike our Maciocia, Wally Buono is a real coach, and will do his damndest to make the necessary adjustments and get his players motivated to be the QB smashers and ball hawks they usually are, in the next game.

To my Edmonton buddies again your right. Dancing Danny has made a very proud franchise into a punching bag. The glory years has evaporated because this want to be coach is destroying every aspect of that team. There should be an improvement shown even in rebuilding years. There is no sign of life with that team unfortunately. Until Dancing Danny is removed there will be nothing but losses. Yes I am a Stamp fan that cares I like the good old days when my team (most years LOL) would go in there as under dogs and win a few. Keep smiling my northern neighbors hopefully those at the top will wake up and remove the problem so your glory days can return.