Friggen Herb!

Nuff said!

Herb always has a 2-3 minute spot on the 6 O'clock news after every Als game.

After yesterdays game, he comes up with.

"Lets not fool ourselves here over this win. The bombers are a terrible team."

He cannot bring himself to say one good thing about the Als, ever!

Sunshine Zeke…

How are the Bombers a terrible team? Sure, they struggled early, but have battled back into the playoff picture and can earn themselves a playoff berth with a win against Hamilton this week. They've got a great defense and an offense that, while inconsistent, can light you up if Bishop finds his groove.

I just don't get why it's 'worrisome' for us when we get blown out in a meaningless game against the Bombers, but when we blow the Bombers out, WE should be concerned because the Bombers are a 'terrible' team. If we'd lost, Herb would have been yammering about how our weaknesses had been exposed, etc. etc. We win CONVINCINGLY and he's still sour grapes. :roll:

They're not! But Herp has to say that in order to knock the Als

You were not watching what others saw then.

Their punter is punting 29 yards on the RUN... He has re-invented punting :o

Their QB is making throws 30 yards from the closest receiver or DEFENDER, when not hitting billboards or fans in the 20th row of the bleachers.

Their kicker in spite of not having to punt can't make field goals.

Their special team guys fight on the field and sidelines.

Their kick returner (now injured) is their best DB.

Their coach is the most disliked individual in the CFL since Larry Smith was the commish and very likely emotionaly/mentaly unstable.

Herb has a point... he is no ray of sunshine and likely spends a lot of his free time alone but he has a point.

I have seen, repeatedly, that Herb is no fan of the Als. True, he has a job to do as a journalist. Part of that job, however, is to REPORT the events. When a player makes a good play, he should say that, whether it be us or the opponents.

Journalism, however, seems to have become more of an op-ed; the journalist doesn't just stick to reporting the facts - he comments on the facts. In so doing, the journalists biases are necessarily exposed. This brings up the question - what is the role of sports journalism? Do we want commentary or facts? Personally, I don't watch shows where a bunch of guys sit around a table and start ragging on this player or that. THIS is a forum for such discussion.

Herb is not necessarily a bad reporter, but he seems to want to make a mark as a journalist. There is a delicate balance between trying to make intelligent comments about a team or trying to stir controversy. Today, sadly, controversy seems to sell.

I agree, the speed of the vehicles has created this. Printed media are in direct competition with internet blogs, forums, chats and organisations prvivate web sites. Managment and by the same token editor cuts have been made and the lines are now blurred. Frankly if a guy today just reported he would be dismissed as either stupid, not knowledgeable. I mean you get a live play by play in written forms with every single piece of data about the game live as it unfolds. Personel changes are put out via press reports to agency's by PR guys. So what is left for a reporter but to try and give the reader, viewer... a insider's view or persnonal view of things and that will always be controversial or unpleasant. Who likes to be undressed in public ? Good or bad.

I won’t dispute your individual points, Hfx, but I think you’re putting a bit too much focus on the negative. Let’s talk about what the Bombers have going for them:

An excellent D-line
Aggressive linebackers
Ball-hawking secondary
‘Good’ Bishop (when he’s on, he’s pretty good)
An all-pro tailback in Reid

Does that make the Bombers a contender? Probably not, without a consistent offense and solid special teams. But I don’t think it makes them a ‘terrible’ team either. You want to talk terrible, let’s talk about the Argonauts. :lol: :wink:

I think Herb could have been more equitable by saying that the Bombers were not very good ON THIS DAY and by giving a little credit to the Als. Possibly saying something like "Winnipeg's pass rush that was so well executed last week was much less effective due to Anthony's quick reads and release." You least give SOME credit to the Als.

I'm surprised that he didn't berate the defense for that ONE long score. Oh well, Herb is Herb I guess. :roll:

WPG is not a terrible team, They beat every team this year except SSK Does that make they a great team? No! But it doesnt make them terrible either but that is neither here nor there.

Herb will never give the Als credit for anything. If they beat a good team, its only because that team had a bad day, or that team beat themselves. If they beat a weaker team, its dont get excited because its a weaker team.

He prediceted the Als would start the season 1-4 because they had 4 western games in the he first 5 weeks. They finished 5-0 and not a good word came out of Herb's mouth. They beat Calgary because Calgary was too confidant. They beat Edmonton because Edmonton had a bad day. They beat SSK because………

The Als blew the bombers away because they are a terrible team. If it was a close game, they should have blown them away.

Nothing is ever good enough for him

Maybe the problem is having only ONE reporter following the Als. Maybe we, the fans, should adress our concerns to The Gazette. I'm sure there are other competent football reporters out there.

I have grown accustom to Herb and I just don't consider him a knowledgeable football guy or a football fan. So I read his articles that mainly focus on players backgrounds, the rest I don't notice I guess.

I think of Herb like a civil servant putting time in... Maybe my expectations are too low ??? Come to think of it. I have none.

You certainly can but considering what's been going on for the last 3 years between Herb an the Als. I seriously doubt you will get anywhere and unless you actually are a Gazette paying subscriber we don't really have a right to comment

You would have to address CFCF12 as well

I've been emailing with Herb for the past 5 years or so. I can tell you that he is an Als fan. The fact that you guys can't discern this from his articles tells me he's doing a good job, unlike those Toronto "hometown" reporters who can't help gushing over anything good one of their teams happens to do (as rare as that might be).

That may be, we can all read what he writes. I don't expect "gushing" coming from any reporter, but when the home team does well he should say something about that. He does, after all, write for the MONTREAL Gazette, not the TIMBUKTU Gazette. Chances are the readers are Als fans.

How is he doing his job by knocking the Als every chance he gets?
No that’s wrong, its not every chance he gets, he does nothing but knock them!

How is constantly knocking them, any different than constantly gushing over them?

I really have doubts that he is a fan. A fan will praise when it it due, and knock when it is due, or even do both at the same time! Herb never praises, ever!

Sorry that is not a fan, it strikes me as someone who hates the team and resents his job