Friends of the Argonauts forum problems

Does anyone on this forum have any info about the continuing problems with the FOA forum? I have not been able to log on for days and it appears almost no one else is getting on, either. A couple of forum members managed a couple of recent posts but indicated they have also been having problems. Is there a moderator or FOA site owner able to shed any light on this?

So it's not just me. I haven't been able to get on it as well. I have been looking around the site trying to find an e-mail address to the moderators but haven't been able to find one.

I have the same problem. I log on and then it logs me off again almost instantly.

I tried again today, still no luck and on top of that no response from the board admin to my email?

Maybe MRX hacked the FotA forum to make themselves look good by comparison?

I'm tempted to say that you're getting what you deserve but that would be trolling.

Wait, I'm a Ti-Cats fan. I'm just doing what comes naturally.* :smiley:

*Speaking honestly (not trolling of course). :wink: