Friends Lose Appeal!


The Ontario Court of Appeal has ruled the City of Ottawa's plan to redevelop Lansdowne Park is legal.

It was a unanimous decision by three judges assigned to make the ruling. It means the Friends of Lansdowne, who alleged the process was unfair and called it a single-sourced partnership with the Ottawa Sports and Entertainment Group, have lost another legal battle.

This is the second strike for the Friends of Lansdowne after a judge ruled the process legal last summer.

While the group has 60 days to appeal the ruling, the Supreme Court of Canada can refuse the case based on the unanimous decision by the Ontario Court of Appeal.

If the case is accepted the appeal could drag on for months, adding more delays to completing redevelopment plans.

City officials say it would not stop them from putting shovels in the ground to at least start the process. They argue crews can go ahead with preliminary work which needs to be done regardless of the final outcome.

Sources with the City tell CTV council will likely vote in favour of going ahead with initial ground work.

Great news! Can't wait for Ottawa to be back in the league :rockin: :rockin:

"Friends" I don't think so. I listened to talk radio this afternoon from Ottawa and the host kept calling them the "Not Friends of Lansdowne"
They interviewed Monette a city councillor and he said now they will probably wait to see what the "NFOL" will do next. If they raised enough money they could take it to the Supreme Court of Canada but since the decision was unanimous that is doubtful. One of the supporters called in to say that the decision was unfair because the judge was appointed by Stephen Harper.

Awesome News !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I Can't wait to make the trip to Ottawa to watch OUR CFL !!!! :thup: :thup:


Here’s to our friends. :wink:


See? How do reason or negotiate with that? They're deliberately insane.

Even Melnyk won’t want to finance a 150k appeal that won’t get anywhere. By the time the city does its things and contracts are awarded shovels should be in the ground by june sometime.

Great news for Ottawa and looking forward to the return of the Renegades, Rough Riders or whatever the team will be called as soon as possible. :thup:


Sweet. Oh yes.

I'd say it's full-steam ahead at this point, but that's what I said last time and the FooLs were crazy enough to appeal.

At least they're going to get to work on the stadium, that should put an end to the delays on getting the football team playing.

It is great news, not just for football fans in Ottawa, but fans across the country. Now we have to hope that the idiots that don't try an appeal with the superior courts. I couldn't imagine that they would, or that the courts would even accept it.