Friendly Request

Hey guys, while we dialogue, can we try to either stay somewhat on topic, or otherwise introduce a new one? Some have recently wandered into tangents that have nothing to do with the original point. Some discussions have morphed into 'who's got the last word', 'superior opinion', or 'mutually-insults' that get ugly. We need to follow some kind of mutual respect principle here, encourage freedom of speech, yes, but be careful to not put down someone's opinion that differs. That's the beauty of a forum. These exist to express honest thoughts, ideas, concerns, and frustrations - yes; but let's please try and keep this thing in context - within the spirit of promoting our love of the game - particularly the CFL - our home-grown game, our Canadian game, whether it be inferior, on the same level as, or superior to anything else.

Well said pastasteve. Principals before Personalities.

My apologies if my exchange with empire was taken as disrespectful.

Yeah, so I went to the grocery store the other day........

hahaha…very good.