Friendly Reminder - WDF Trophy Presentation

Just a friendly reminder that if the Lions win the upcoming West Division Final, don't leave BC Place right away. Stick around and cheer the team on as they hoist the West Division Championship Trophy.


Yea 2004, and 2006 people left way too early.

Personally its a pet peeve at canucks games and lions games when people leave early, i know you beat traffic a lil bit, but you're also devaluing the cost of your ticket by not staying for the whole thing.

I remember that Minnesota playoff game a few years back when the canucks were down and they scored with a few seconds left to take it to overtime and all these people had left GM place already in A ONE GOAL GAME, what a bunch of goofs they should give the tickets to REAL fans.

I also hate at GM Place when people never shut up, at BC Place its not soo bad, but GM place is so much smaller that peoples heads are lined right up with your ears virtually and it just is really annoying.

Yeah, I couldn’t believe it last year when the place emptied before the presentation was made. How disrespectful…your team plays their hearts out - the least you can do is stick around and acknowledge the effort. A very small crowd stuck around and gave the Lions a well deserved ovation.

I think one of the main reasons is because unlike NHL, NFL, NBA, and MLB fans, most CFL fans still do not know that trophies are also presented to the two division champions. Those trophies are not well publicized, and there was no PA announcement reminding fans to stay for the presentation either. So that's why I'm sending out this reminder.

You would never see fans leaving Taylor Field if the trophy was being presented. Remember that they even stayed during pounding rain with no lights this past year. I think that any fan that leaves early in any sport for any team is not a true fan. Get your money's worth!!! It always chokes me up to see THE CUP (any one) being presented, even if my team doesn't win. I try to vicariously feel the emotions that are pulsing through the champs!!! However, if the Riders pull this one out, I can see it being an empty stadium by the time the CUP is presented. Good luck BC, but RIDERS RULE !!!!

um, no...