Friendliness with opponents on game day beyond acceptable

Wake up CFL!

Professional football teams, whether public or privately owned are representing communities and, believe it or not, to most of their fans and all of their sponsors, winning is the most important option, Winning, makes the fan proud, the team and it's sponsors thrive, and the community benefit. The second most important is that, failing triumph teams must retain the fans perception that winning is their only option. Accomplish that option and everything else beneficial will fall into place too.

When friendliness and fraternizing distractions between opposing participants overshadow intensity during any part of a high level athletic competition, and they too often do in the CFL, fans have every right, and will question the value that some of those participants are placing on winning. Sure there is a little room for respectful exchanges between game foes before, throughout, and after competition, but over doing it is not respectful to the supporting fans.

Football is a war. The game day presentation by the players and the league should reflect that. No fan comes to the games to see players having fun.


Good post. I agree entirely with your perspective throughout the first two paragraphs but take some exception to your statement "Football is a war." Not so my friend, football at a professional level is entertainment and business, nothing more.

This is war:

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Ridiculous, I see guys in the NFL all the time chatting and when the camera zooms in, they are smiling at each other. And you see them tap other guys bums on a good play and lend a hand to help them get up.
Again, what a ridiculous thing to say laughing, this isn’t “pretend I’m tough” hockey you’re talking about here.
Good point johnny.

what did bret farve do when in a play during the game rolled out to strahan and basically fell down to give him the sack. laughinghard you are a complete jackass if you cant understand how a sport can remain intense competitive and be a big rivarly and still have a laugh here and there. get over it. maybe you take it too seriously and need to grow up.

or maybe he just didn't want to get nailed by strahan.... its not like favre can run that fast... and strahan was motorin at him.

have a laugh here and there, but dont act like the other team's buddy AT LEAST NOT DURING THE GAME.

weird little pot and kettle situation you got goin on there calling laughinghard a 'jackass'

espo it is a fact that favre did that for strahan to give him the record. fact and they had a laugh about it. thats my point.

the fact that this thread was even started is retarded when the very same thing was being discussed on another thread irritates me.

Actually NWO - that other thread got into a pi$$ing contest between 4 members.

THIS thread actually has credibility.

Well said sigpig.

The intensity of the game day experience in cluding the TV commentating and the game play itself OVERWHELMS such few examples of fluffiness which you note.

Look at the big picture fellow. Fans don’t go to contact sports to be entertained with love.

I agree and I don't want to be entertained with love as you say. But football players are different than hockey players and do act differently and you can't compare the two, NFL guys do show this lovey type stuff like CFL guys, it's just part of the football environment and I have no prob with that, partly because football is just an intense game to begin with because there is hitting on every play, unlike hockey which is yet to figure out exactly what it is or isn't with regards to physicallness. Football, no question, we know what it is exactly. which is why football is a better game IMHO.

I will offer nobody an apology for your inability, possibily due to your extremely youthful age, to comprehend the big picture. You must do that yourself.

*Favre <—

laughinghard are you cheering your ass off when an opposing player gets hurt. better not see any of the opposite players go over there to check on them unless its to spit on them eh?

You don’t think a defensive lineman is trying to knock a QB out of the game with a good clean hit?

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