Fridays game

I think that we will see a much larger effort from the team Friday in the peg.
I can’t see lancaster putting up with the poor play for much longer .You don,t have to win but you MUST try.
If there is not a big change I think more players will be looking for work very soon.


your not suggesting that PaoPao changes his awesome game plan are you? Maybe if a fan suggests we blitz the linebackers on 2nd and long coach Reed will change his game plan too...

Peg made such stink over Les Als running up the score on them a few games back that they had to hold back on us. I think they could of bet us 59-0. So hang on this weekend good fans. :frowning:

Bigge I too feel that if we win that's great but at best try. Make me feel that I'm watching a team that can at lest play in the CFL and be close or our comprtitor's.

The cats looked like they tried the first couple of games with Lancaster back but the last game showed a general lack of effort by most. The defence has to play a lot tight and somehow disguise the blitz package. Any high school QB can read the cats blitz. I know the offense needs to do something also

Why is it the team seems to lack effort. We have both traded good players and let others go for reasons not clear to all. Is there a problem that runs deeper that we don't see. Did you read what the Oakland Raider players said about Madden, he was easy with the and let them go out and play. Maybe Lancaster needs to show some lattitude.

This team is needs someone to take contol .
To many big heads
To many dum flags
To many off side on OF they know the snap count.
Lancaster is the guy to fix this,he has done it before and he knows more about football then anyone this team . He knows how to win
If he can't turn this around we are in very big trouble.

Of note - last weeks game was the second worst that I've seen in 27 years.
With that behind us...
I think the defence got the message at halftime and pulled up their socks in the second half.
Fleming seemed to find his confidence in the second half as well.
If Maas can overcome his injury and PaoPao can call something resembling an offensive game plan then I think we can turn this stinker of a season around starting Friday night.