fridays game

What a waste of time. I havebeen a Lions fan since the 60's, so I'll always support my team, but oh blah!
Wally Buono seems to wait to bring in Jarious Jackson till the 3rd. quarter, then it's too late.
Come on boys get with it, you had no life last night!

:roll: :roll: :roll:

I thought our secondary was more of an issue. Their offensive line played really well too. They could have beat anyone that night.

And JJ did what?

Our turnovers and poor secondary were the main reason we lost last night.

Yeah ...., it seems any team can win on any given night and I don't think its prudent to boast about beating an opponent because it could come back to bite you. I wish Jarious Jackson could take a little off his deep throws or he'd probably have 50 touchdown passes by now.They always seem to just miss the outstretched fingers. And the secondary needs to practice when to turn around and make a play on the ball.Murphy needs to tone down the choking crap before he hurts his team by getting suspended. Just play between the whistles and everything will be fine.