Friday's game

Okay Als' fans, we're in Winnipeg this Friday; game means quite a bit to the Bombers.

Frankly, I'm at a bit of a loss as to how we should approach this. Does this game mean anything to us at all?

If we were to somehow get to the Grey Cup, we have to play in both Winnipeg and Toronto to get there; does it matter to us in which order?

As in....would you rather play in Toronto for the semifinal and then go to Winnipeg for the East final, or vice versa?

I would really like to see the Als win this Friday against the Bombers (who will bring their 'A' game as you mentioned) and see Brady do well so the Als can carry some momentum and confidence into the playoffs.

If this happens, then by default, we will play Winnipeg first.

If we lose to the Bombers, the Als will have NO momentum and I believe, NO confidence going into the playoffs.

I'd rather get swept by Winnipeg in the season, let them be confident, and then go on and beat them in the playoffs because they thought it would be a cakewalk, and think that there is no possible way for Montreal to beat them.

I would rather play winnipeg first as well for one big reason:

If we were to get to the grey cup game this year through some incredible fluke there would be less travelling if the team plays winnipeg than twice in toronto and we will have played in winnipeg twice in a row again cutting into travel time and the team will have the confidence to make it to the east final.

All this aside I have very little faith in this team so Im expecting the worst

Keep in mind yes they play 2 road games to get there but against similar strenght opponent. Better chance of that then trying to win against a superior opponent like the Lions.

Of the three teams going into this, right now the Als are the least banged up of the 3. Youth is two edge sword of course and if 2 or 3 of these guys lose their cool it will be lights out.

Youthful players lose their cool?

Say it isn't so!

Surely you don't expect guys like Chip Cox or Diamond Ferri to take senseless penalties, do you?

Oh excuse me.....they've been doing that all season!

Seriously, I think I agree with all of you. Crimson is right about momentum going in being preferable; Ryoon is right about perhaps lulling the Bombers a bit; I'm also with mada in that my expectations are not very high; and HfxTC, you are right that the Lions are superior, they have our number, and if somehow we lucked our way to the Grey Cup, the Lions would murder us bigtime.

Bottom line is that, at some point in these playoffs, no matter how far we may get, at some point we are going to get OUT-COACHED and lose.

At this point I am positive that if the Als play a disciplined game and play sound fundamentals they can beat Winnipeg or and Toronto.

The month long road to the Grey Cup is not an easy one. So let's hope all those young legs give the Als and edge. This team can win on the road, they've shown it this year. Actually their record on the road is similar to their home record.

Out West the Riders could knockout BC or injuries could come in to play.

So Als take it one game at a time and build on what they have... I would be happy with one playoff win. If they take the division, I think that would be outstanding and setup the future well. Maybe not so good for those who want coaching changes LOL!

As far as coaching it is what it is. Brady can make Bellefeuille's offense work. He's shown it against the Lions and Stamps. and on Defense Chris Jones will have his ducks in a row, both Winnipeg an Toronto are prone to giving up turnovers. Special teams, we can't be in better legs then Duval. Our returners worry me. They have been very erratic this year. I'm curious to see who they go with. They've experimented all year and none have been standouts.