Friday's Game

what is Danny's plan for friday's game are the startes playing or are the players who haven't played all year gonna play

well that would only make sense on a game that means nothing?
dont u think?

shut up

Calm Down speedkills… BGM wasnt being that big of an ass… Chances are than the regular starters wont play very much if at all

paper says Joseph, Keith, Dominguez, Morgan, Eddie Davis ride the pine. Fred Perry will play until he gets 5 sacks, and overtakes Johnson.

OMG!! i wasnt expecting that :roll: u sound like a lil kid :stuck_out_tongue: with that SHUT UP!! :lol: i said[b] "well that would only make sense on a game that means nothing?
[/b] that because there are fools like AJ Gass who like to give out cheap shots and will try to injure a player b4 a playoff game :wink: thats all! :cowboy: now get back to your crayons and let the BIG people type on here LMAO :lol:

No need for this stuff... the guys only had 18 posts, his question was legit, so cut him some slack.

True, True

A.J. Gass strikes again?? I didn't see the play but it sounds like Gass tried to end Butler's career. Anybody see it?

I wasn't impressed, but it looked like a legal hit to me.....

Yes that was disgusting! he could have easily stopped, that lost the riders the game in my opinion… they were moving the ball down perfectly and then BANG! Gass just nails him

The Gass hit on Butler looked legal to me as well.

Im not saying it was illegal. Im just sayign what i thought. It looked legal to me, but he didnt have to do it, or not as hard as he did. thats why im not exactly happy about it

Every hit in football doesn’t “have” to happen as hard as it does. Fortunately, this is football, and not balet. It was a perfectly legal hit. It wasn’t late. It wasn’t high to the head. It wasn’t low to the knees. It was as clean and legal as possible. Butler’s career is nowhere near being over after that hit. Get over it.

Seriously, do you think when (G)ass's carrer is over, and he's sitting in his rocking chair thinking back to his playing days, that he can be proud of himself? Ok sure, tonight he managed to hurt a guy "within the rules". But his reputation of a dirty player, well everybody thinks of that when you mention his name. Is that a proud legacy? Sad really.

Nothign wrong with the hit on Butler..the late hit on Grant was not called, but it was classic cheap shot Gass all the way, why this guys still in league is beyond me..

Speaking of guys still in the there anything more embarassing than trying a catch a pass with your eyes closed? and having the ball bounce off your helmet? (hello Mr.French)
Why is this guy still playing football and getting a 100K ta boot????